Sunday, 9 September 2012

What I've Been Doing Lately

Hey guys
I haven't done one of these in a while so this isn't a week in pictures as such, it's just a little sample of what I've been doing.

I've just got back from a meal with my family to celebrate my 21st. My actual birthday Isn't for a few weeks but as I'm going back to uni soon we thought we'd celebrate it today. I got given a couple of presents but I managed to restrain myself! (not an easy thing to do) and I'm going to be good and wait until my actual birthday.

Fanta Tower / Big Yawn / Bike Ride Round the Lake / Alpaca! / My Fave Drink / Homemade Apple and Blackberry Crumble

Hope you've all had a good week. I've been loving the weather :) I hope it stays nice.

Lots of Love

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

NOTD - Essie Bossa Nova

Hey guys,
Just a quick nail of the day from me today today. 

I used Essie Bossa Nova with a China glaze polish on top. I got the china glaze polish in a JolieBox a while ago, however this is the first time using it. I'm really glad I did, it's a really good quality nail varnish and has inspired me to use it more. Both polishes only required one coat, which I was very impressed with.

NOTD - Essie Bossa Nova

NOTD - Essie Bossa Nova

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Purity Skincare - Natural Products - Review

Hey guys
Recently after reading a few blogs I’ve become a lot more conscious of ingredients in the products that I put on my skin. So when purity asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a selection of their skin care range I was really interested.

Purity is a brand whose products contain 98% of ingredients which are from natural origin and 82% from organic farming. They are all designed for sensitive skin so all contain gentle natural ingredients and are all unscented.

I am going to divide this review into products that I would repurchase and products that aren’t really for me.
Here are the ones that I loved.

Facial wash - £4.99
The facial wash is an unscented gel that contains sweet almond oil to moisturise and aloe vera to sooth. I have oily skin so love using gels to wash my face, the product made my skin feel clean and soft. I loved everything about this product except the smell; it says it is unscented however unfortunately I found it actually had an unpleasant scent.

Conditioning cleansing lotion - £4.99
This is a product that I like to use in the evening to take off my makeup. You simply rub a layer into your skin and wipe off with it a cotton wool pad. This product is exceptionally gentle on your face. Sometimes I feel you have to really rake your face to get your makeup off, however not with this product. It contains avocado oil to help remove dirt and it leaves your face feeling very smooth. Moreover it has a very pleasant scent which I think must come from the natural oils.

Anti-aging serum and mask - £8.99
When I saw this product was anti-aging I thought it wouldn’t be for me, being only 20 I don’t feel the need to use anti-aging products yet and usually find them a bit too heavy for my young skin. This product however is great. It’s a mask that you leave on for about ten minutes and when you take it off your skin feels soft and toned. It has the consistency of a serum so doesn’t dry whilst on your face; you just rinse it off with a flannel when you’re done. It contains cranberry seed oil, rose water to tone the skin and vitamin E to act as an antioxidant.

Now onto the products I probably won’t repurchase. Now I don’t want you to think the products are bad because they’re not. These won’t be negative reviews the products just weren’t for me.

Facial exfoliator - £5.99
This exfoliator contains ground coconut shell and coconut oil to exfoliate and moisturise the skin. This exfoliator had a beautiful creamy texture; however I just didn’t find it abrasive enough for me. I get some really stubborn dry patches of skin around my nose and this didn’t do enough to get rid of them, however if you like gentle exfoliators that aren’t too harsh then this product is perfect for you.

Anti – aging moisturiser - £7.99  Regenerating overnight moisturiser - £7.99
I’m going to group these two products together as for me I found they were very similar. They are both aimed towards more mature skin and like I said before I often find these sorts of products too heavy for my skin. Unfortunately I found this with these two products. I have majorly oily skin so need something very light on my face, although if you have dry or mature skin I think you’ll love these two moisturisers. The overnight moisturiser contains Ceramide 3 and vitamin E to protect the skin and lock in moisture and the anti- aging moisturiser Shea butter and Omega 3, 6 and 9 amongst other natural things to boost the skins functions and leave it looking healthy.

After trying out this range I am so much more mindful of what I put on my skin. I loved the natural ingredients in these products and I think they all do an amazing job for great prices. Here is a link to their website and I think they are available in some Superdrug stores. 

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - Review

Hey guys

I included this in one of my favourites, a while ago, however I thought I’d do a full review of it.
I ended up buying this product because I was looking for a cheaper alternative to Moroccan oil. I bought this in June at Boots for £9.99.

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil

This product has got to be one of my all-time favourites as far as hair care goes. The L’Oreal Elvive extraordinary oil transforms my brittle broken hair into silky smooth locks. Since using it I have received a lot of compliments regarding how shiny my hair is and I have notices a massive difference.

The product has a gorgeous smell, and comes in an elegant glass bottle. It has a pump dispenser and you can turn to the off position making the product ideal to travel with.

The bottle says that the L’Oreal extraordinary oil contains a blend of six flower extracts for softness and shine. I apply two pumps to the ends of my towel dried hair before blow-drying. I bought this product back in June and have used it after every wash, so about 4-5 times a week. As you can see from the pictures there is still a lot left, considering the bottle was only £9.99 I think this is amazing.

Having quite oily hair I was worried that the oil would make my hair feel greasy however as long as I keep it away from my roots it feels weightless. It says on the bottle that you can use it on dry hair too; however this gave my hair a sticky feeling which I did not like, so I keep to using it on damp hair.

I really cannot recommend the extraordinary oil enough; it has meant that I have been able to grow my hair longer than usual without my hair getting too many split ends. 

Have you tried this product before?

Lots of Love

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Autumn Wishlist

I'm really sad to be writing this blog post in August! We should still be thinking about cute sandals and bright colours, however, judging from the weather outside that would be a waste of time and money. 

Due to the appalling weather we've been having I've started to think about spending my money on some things for Autumn / Winter.

Light Brown Owl Face Watch - River Island
This is hands down the cutest watch I've ever seen, I need it in my life.

 Fancy Delancy - Essie
I think this is the perfect shade for Autumn, it makes me think of all the colourful trees.

Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - Revlon
The pictured colour (charm) isn't available in the UK so I'll just have to settle for Honey. That is if I can find it in stock anywhere!

Anger square toe Chelsea boots - Topshop
I've never had expensive boots before but I think these would be a great investment for winter. I'm too much of a wimp to wear anything that I can't hide thick woolly socks under when it's cold.

Multicoloured Teardrop Collar Necklace - New Look
I love the colours in this, and I really want a statement necklace.

Do you guys think it's too early to start shopping for A/W?

Lots of Love

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Joliebox Favourites – The Products I will repurchase

Hey Guys,

When I first started blogging back in April I couldn't miss all the posts about Beauty boxes. I hadn't heard of them before but I loved the look of them and decided to subscribe to one for a few months. There are so many Beauty boxes out there; however I managed to narrow it down to Glossybox or Joliebox. I decided on Joliebox as they seemed like a smaller nicer company besides I had read a lot of bad press about Glossybox
I was so excited to get my first box and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed. You can see my review of my first box here.

Now I know everyone was getting tired of the same posts about beauty boxes so I’ve decided to do a post on my favourite items of the past few months.
These are all items that I will be repurchasing when they run out.

Taaj – Eau Micellaire

Micelle is a group of molecules dispersed in a liquid; the resulting solution has detergent properties making it ideal for removing makeup. There has been a lot of these cleansing waters around the blogs recently as it’s a gentle way to cleanse your face. I love this concept and I feel it works very well. As a chemistry student I am always looking to relate it to the beauty world.

Now to the product itself, the first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells so good. It’s a gorgeous fresh smell of green tea; however, it’s very strong which some people might find too overpowering for their face. It effectively removes all my makeup and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.

Etat Pur – Salicylic acid

This is a little wonder product, you dab it on your spots and it clears them up overnight. I’ve actually used this chemical in my labs when I was synthesising aspirin; it is one of the active ingredients in the drug for pain relief. This little bottle is so handy, whenever I feel a spot coming I just dab this on and I can really notice a difference.

Phil Smith – Dry Shampoo

I’ve been on the lookout for a new brand of dry shampoo for a while now, and this is my new favourite product. I usually buy batiste out of habit but I don’t really like it, this dry shampoo is a lot better. The smell is lovely and it doesn’t leave white build up in my hair. I will be going out to buy this soon, I think it might be available to buy in Sainsbury’s.

L’Occitane – Hydration cream

included this in my July favourites and it is still one of my go to products. It’s so light on my skin and smells amazing. The full size is quite expensive, however I’ll probably be asking for it for Christmas.

So these were all my choice products I have received over the past months. These have made my subscription worth it in my opinion as I have discovered some great items. I have however cancelled my subscription. The main reason I started it was to discover some new products which I have now done. Now I’d rather have the money to repurchase these great items.

Overall I am pleased I didn’t subscribe to Glossybox as the boxes haven’t seemed great recently. Beauty boxes are such a controversial topic in the beauty world, but I think people forget what they are actually about.

Joliebox costs £12.95 a month including delivery
What do you all think about them? Do you subscribe to any?

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ireland Photo Diary

Hey guys,

As some of you might know I've just got back from a two week holiay to Ireland. I went with my Boyfriend and his family as his Mum's side of the family all live over there. Rob's parents own a house on a tiny island off the coast of mainland Ireland called Bere Island. All his family live on the mainland which is only a short ferry journey from the island so that was very handy.

When I first visited Ireland last year I expected it to be a lot like England however I was completely wrong. Ireland has a rich culture and is a country in it's own right. Ireland is such a beautiful place, it's so green and clean. The main thing that shocked me was that despite the size of the country its population is half the size of London alone, crazy! Although I think the small population is lovely, as in my experience everyone knows everyone no matter where in the country they are from isn't that amazing? 

Rob (my boyfriend) has lots of cousins who are our age so we had a great time going out clubbing with them an we all got on really well. The island was pretty remote so we didn't have internet or even phone signal, it was so nice to be away from it all for a while sometimes you can feel like your life revolves around your phone and computer.

Here's a few photos that I took, I was hoping to take more but the weather wasn't great most of the time, (one of the downsides of living in Ireland). One day it was even a full on storm so we couldn't leave the house!

The Harbor in the early morning

View From the Ferry

 There was on nice day the whole time we were there. My boyfriend and I took advantage of this, we walked to the other side of the island, he fished and I sunbathed. It was bliss.
The Only sunny day! 
Sunbathing on the rocks
The View From our house
The Beach on the other side of the Island
Fishing in the lovely clear water
It was regatta week when we went, one of the best events was the greasy pole. a long telegraph pole is extended off a boat an greased up. people then have to run along it to grab the flag at the end, as you can see most people fail spectacularly.

The greasy pole 
The Beach at the bottom of our garden
Boyfriend skimming stones

Two little boats in the harbor

So there are some of my Ireland pictures hope you like them. I had an amazing holiday and cannot wait to go back next year. Fingers crossed for nice weather!

Have any of you been? What do you think?

Lots of Love

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Body shop - What a Bargain and Discount codes

Hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been away for such a long time, it feels so good to be back blogging again though. Hope you liked the scheduled posts and I'd like to say a massive hello to my new followers
Today I’m going to show you a great deal I got from the body shop online! Here’s what I bought

Seaweed Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Treatment

I’ve heard some good things about this collection. I’m forever looking out for things that will help balance my oily skin and these claim to be able to do just that.
I’ve been using the cleanser for a few days now and it does leave my skin feeling so refreshed. I will do a full review on all the products soon.

Cheek colour

I really like the look of body shop makeup so I decided to get some blush. I got a colour called sweet nutmeg. I’m not sure how well you can see from the picture but it’s a kind of nude pink and really pretty :).

Vanilla and Tonka bean Scented candle.

I’m not sure what a Tonka bean is but I love vanilla scented candles. I’m so excited to try this out, I’m a bit obsessed with scented candles right now!

I also got a little bottle of shampoo free with my order, I love getting things like these as they are so handy for travelling.

I love shopping at the body shop, they have great ethics and their products are always lovely.

Right now the body shop has some great discount codes on their website.

You can can choose from one of three deals.
1.       Save £25 when you spend £50 - To get ths enter the code ONE at the checkout
2.       40% off your order - To get this enter TWO at the checkout
3.       £50% off one product - To get this enter THREE at the checkout

You get free delivery when you spend over £30 and a free mini moisturiser when you spend over £5.  
I got 40% off my order so saved nearly £15. All of the items only came to £20, which was such a bargain!

Will any of you be taking advantage of these great offers?
here's a link to the website

Lots of Love

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer Reads

Hey guys,

Recently I've been feeling a bit down about the books I'm reading. I'm currently on the fifth book of game of thrones. Now don't get me wrong the books are great but I feel like I've been reading them forever! there's so many other books I want to read but I know I need to finish this series first. I'm hoping I can do this on holiday in Ireland.

When I finally finish them all here are the next books on my radar. I'm so excited to read them all, they are currently sitting in my basket on Amazon ready to order when I'm back from holiday.

Has anyone read any of these books and can recommend / not recommend them?

Lots of Love

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Summer Moisturisers

Hey guys,

In summer I have a slightly different mousturising routine than I do in winter. Here are a selection of my favourite products to use.

The Body Shop - Almond Milk Body Lotion

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky, this is why I tend to shy away from thick creamy moisturisers in the summer. My favourite one to turn to is the almond milk body lotion from the body shop. This product is so light; it’s perfect for hot summer days. The skin absorbs it perfectly and you’re left feeling soft and non-sticky. The smell is divine, I love all the almond products from the body shop, I think it’s a great scent and can’t stop smelling myself after I put it on.

Apparently it contains Community trade Babassu oil which apparently can help replenish skin lipids, and as an added bonus it helps enable families in north Brazil send their children to school. How great is that? This is one of the reasons why I love shopping at the body shop.

As I mentioned in my July favourites I think this product has been discontinued which is a shame. Although looking on the body shop website it seems like they have similar products.

The Body shop – Strawberry body butter

Now I know I’ve just said that I don’t like heavy moisturisers in summer but after long days at the beach in the sun I can sometimes feel a bit dried out. I like to use this once I’ve showered after one of these long days. After I’ve washed all the salt off my skin, I need an intensive moisturiser and this one is lovely and thick and creamy. I usually put this on before I go to bed so I don’t spend the day sticky and I also feel that my tan appreciates it.

Boots Deep Moisturising Foot Cream

In the summer when your feet are always on display I like to make sure they are looking good. Well as good as feet can look. This product does the job, it leaves my feet feeling soft and smelling nice. It has lovely refreshing mint scent which is great on hot days, especially if you’ve been walking around all day.

What do you guys think of moisturising in the heat?

Lots of Love

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