Friday, 27 April 2012

Outfit of the Day: Retro Little Black Dress

Hey guys,
Hope everyone's having a good day, and it's Friday woooo :). I thought I'd show you the outfit I wore to the cinema last night. I went to see the Avengers and OMG it is amazing. I would definitely recommend going to see it. 

Now I got given this dress in a pile of clothes from one of my mum's friends. She often gives me clothes from her "younger days" as she likes to call them that no longer fit her. Often a lot of it doesn't fit me as she is a lot taller than me but this dress was an exception :).
I love it, it's just so cute. It's from Topshop but a long time ago I think. The label inside is different to my new Topshop clothes. It also says made in the UK and I checked all my other Topshop clothes and they all say made in China. This dress is probably about 20 years old and I love it. 

I wore it with a gold necklace, black tights and my heeled boots, but it also looks good with bare legs and sandals which is perfect for summer (If it ever arrives).
I'm sorry about the bad lighting it's just so grey outside! also sorry about the lack of face, I'm spending the day inside doing revision so wanted to give my face a break from makeup.
Hope you like the dress.

Lots of Love

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  1. What a cute dress! I adore little black dresses (:
    Because I love your blog so much, I awarded you with the liebster award xoxo

  2. I will probably see this film too.
    I like black clothes.
    I'm following your blog, I hope you can visit mine and follow if you like it.

  3. Love the dress :) Really cute. I can't wait to see the Avengers :)



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