Sunday, 27 May 2012

My week in pictures #5

Hey guys
I have been loving the weather this week. I've been giving myself little revision breaks to have a read of my book in the sun and am happy to say my tan is coming along nicely :). Although I went to play tennis yesterday and forgot to put on sun tan lotion and now I'm a little burnt. It's so easy to forget to put it on when you're playing sport but I've definitely learnt my lesson. 
We had a BBQ on Thursday evening which was lovely, I made a potato salad and egg mayonnaise and my housemate made a massive bowl of coleslaw all of which are my fave summer foods. 

Other than that my week's been full of revision *sigh* it will all be over soon though. 

Cider at the Pub / Homemade Chicken Kebabs / New Ebay Watch / Tennis / New Earrings / Ice Cream with Maple Syrup

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine :)

Lots of Love

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  1. mmm, potato salad sounds really good right now! I'm looking forward to BBQ's/BBQ weather but right now it's sunny but really windy...not fun! Sounds like your week has been quite relaxing :)

    walk in your own shoes

    1. The BBQ was lovely can't wait for more to come :) xx

  2. Yummy ICE CREAM! I'm so jealous of all these long weekend posts - obviously we don't celebrate in Australia. I love BBQ and would love a day off, haha!

  3. Wonderful photos, and those earrings are so cute!! XD

    1. They are so cute I'm planning to feature them in a haul post soon because the esty shop I got them from has so many other cute things I feel peopla need to know about it :) xx

  4. Found your blog on the blog hop!

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    A Little Lacey

  5. Hi I found your blog from blog hop. Loving what I read so far so I have subscribed to you. Please check out mine!

  6. Those earrings look so cute!! And the ice cream-so yummy!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!


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