Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD and Tuesday treats

Hey guys
Hope you all had a good Monday, for me the reality of exams has finally kicked in so yesterday was the most productive day I've had with respect to revision. 

I'm very excited today though as I'm expecting some ebay and E.L.F deliveries so I'm listening for the doorbell like some kind of Meerkat. Anyway here are some pictures of my nails that I hope you like. 

I used Rimmel professional finish shade 420 aqua cool, then I used a Claire's glitter polish over the top and I love the effect.  I can't remember when I got the glitter polish I think it was in a set one Christmas but I don't think I appreciated it enough at the time. I'm pretty sure I decided I was too old for Claire's products and vowed not to use it which was a bit stupid of me. 
I like it because the glitter particles are really small and so give a really nice smooth finish. I used two coats of the glitter polish but it looked good with just one on too. The brush in the blue nail varnish is the best thing about it I don't know how well you can see it in the picture but it is really wide and flat which makes applying it sooo easy and gives a great finish.


Also It's Tuesday so it's time for another Tuesday's Treats Blog Hop my treat is this Cath Kidston phone case, I've just ordered one with a different design because it was a lot cheaper, but I really want this one too! But the one I got is also very pretty and I will no doubt be uploading a photo of it when it arrives.

Lots of Love

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  1. Love the colour of the nail polish, it goes well with the glitter :) x


  2. love this post all things i love! check out my blog if you get the chance xx

    1. Thank you I will check out your blog xxx

  3. That phone case is so cute! I just ordered one for my phone too. Thanks for doing the blog hop!


  4. Gorgeous nail polish!
    Following from the Island Girl Insights blog hop xo

  5. Pretty nails!




  6. I live in the states, but Rimmel is definitely my favorite drugstore brand and I agree, the brush is soooo great...makes painting nails SO easy. Wish all the nail polish brands had a brush like that!

    1. I know same,I don't know why they aren't! xxx

  7. That's a pretty blue nail color i like it! i may have to go try it out. thanks for sharing. :)

  8. i need to buy some of the claire's glitter nailvarnish!


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