Friday, 11 May 2012

Review - Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

Hey guys,

I’m sorry this review has taken such a long time to arrive, I just wanted to use the product for a decent amount of time before I reviewed it.  I got Rub Rub Rub shower scrub three weeks ago from Lush, and since then I have used it on average about 3 times a week.

As you can see the scrub itself is bright blue which I think is very cool, it also has an amazing smell. When I was in Lush the lady who was helping me said it had a great smell but I wasn’t so sure at the time. The smell is quite hard to appreciate if you just sniff the pot, but once it is on your skin it really develops and stays with you all day. I wish there was some way to beam the smell to you because I have just used it on my hands to do the swatches and now I can't stop smelling my hands. On the tub it says the fragrance is mimosa and orange flower, it claims to leave a subtle smell on the skin all day and it definitely does. The scrub is made from all natural ingredients, the main one being sea salt, and was handmade, like all Lush products are.

Under directions the product says "If you want a gentle scrub, use with water like a shower gel. if you like it rough, get a big handful straight from the pot, rub onto a dry body then into the shower"

Now I use this in the shower, mainly on my legs as this is where I get the most dry skin but it is suitable for your whole body and the best thing is that it doubles as a wash so you don’t need to use another product. It also says use it on dry skin, now this scrub is very rough anyway so I personally wouldn't want to use it dry on any skin that is sensitive however this is amazing as a dry scrub for your hands and feet. I know my feet aren't in great condition after neglecting them all winter and this scrub has been amazing at helping me get them ready for summer and it also makes your hands feel soooo smooth :).

One thing I would say when using it in the shower is to make sure your body isn't too wet. This is because I have found that if you put it onto skin that is very wet all the salt dissolves in the water very quickly. bringing me onto another point, remember to put the lid back on straight away when in the shower because if you get any water in the pot some of the salt will dissolve. I left mine off whilst I was scrubbing my legs and when I looked back there was a small puddle of blue liquid in the scrub.

So would I buy this product again? the answer is yes, I love lush as a company and buying anything from them always makes me feel happy. The scrub itself left my body feeling smooth and clean and smelling great.  it was about £7.50 and as you can see still has a very good amount left after 3 weeks of usage. I probably won't buy it again as soon as I run out because I feel there are so many great scrubs out there to try but this will definitely go on a list of scrubs that I love.

Have you tried this scrub before? Would you want to try it now?
Lots of Love  

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  1. i always love seeing a good lush review -- their products are SO wonderful!
    i especially love the face masks. only right now i've run out, and it's sort of stressing me out because my nearest lush is two and a half hours away! aghhh. i'll definately have to check this out next time i'm there, though. i'm like a crazy exfoliating lady. :)


    1. I definitely want to buy more Lush products, I might get a face pack next time. xxx

  2. Yay! Great review! I absolutely love lush products!
    I am excited to try this out! :D x

  3. love this product
    a holy grail for me.
    great review, babe

  4. THis is lovely and refreshing as a shampoo too. Lush is the only brand that my hair doesn't mind me using shower gel xo


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