Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thursday Wishlist #5 - Bralets

Hey guys,
Sorry for my absence over the past few days, I had my first exam today so as much as I wanted to I couldn't justify spending time on blogging. Instead I was stuck indoors while the weather was beautiful learning about thermodynamics. I'm giving myself the evening off tonight though so I thought I'd do my Thursday wishlist. Today's theme is bralets. I love these I think they look so good on some people although not sure if I'm one of them yet. I'm going to get one after my exams because they're just so summery and pretty. I also love the black lace one as it's perfect for going out. Although if you wear them outside a lot in the summer you might end up with some funky tan lines.

1) Black Lace Bralet 
2) Black Aztec Print Bralet
3) Blue Hawaiian Print Bralet
4)  Zip Front Floral Bralet
5) Tropical Print Bralet
6) Pop Art Purple Floral Crop Top
7) Purple Floral Print Bralet

I'm sorry if my posting becomes a bit sporadic I don't finish exams until the 9th of June so untill then I can't say how much I'll get to post. I have some great post ideas though so sit tight :).

What do you think of the Bralets?

The word bralet looks so wrong to me now.

Lots of Love

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  1. I love them! They're a perfect piece to pair with the also on trend sheer pieces. Love that they provide more coverage so it doesn't look like you're just wearing a bra and see-through shirt :)

  2. These are so adorable :) x

  3. I really don't like the name of them they sound like they should really be underwear, but since watching 90210 when they wear them with high wasted skirts, I've wanted one. I really like the last one the little buttons are so cute.

  4. you have a really cute blog :) I love your picks but I'm not entirely sure how I would wear one of those :D


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