Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday Wishlist #6

Hey guys
Funny story to tell you.....
So this morning been a total nightmare, I thought I had an exam at half past 4 however it was at nine in the morning. My alarm went off at nine and I realized I was meant to be at my exam. The next 5 minuted were pretty eventful but horrible however it's all over now and I can laugh about it. 

So after a quick panic attack I managed to make it onto campus for 9:10 thanks to a very nice man who lives down my road who saw me frantically running to the bus stop and offered to give me a lift. I looked a total mess we're talking unbrushed hair and not even a smudge of make up. anyway when I got to campus my boyfriend phoned me and told me I was at the wrong place thanks to him telling me the wrong place to begin with, (never trust a boy), the place I had to be in was in fact across the other side of campus which meant I had to run. I was so scared I wasn't going to be allowed in but I made it there at 9:25 after crawling through a bush and running up a pretty big hill. I was pretty traumatized by the time I got there and drenched in sweat not a great look. I was so sacred I was going to fail but I think I managed to do reasonably well and got some good early morning exercise in. 

So after that ordeal I'm giving myself the day off to read and blog :). Here is my Thursday wishlist and on it are products that I intend to buy after exams are over, however I might look for a cheaper version of the Zara bag.
Beauty and book wishlist

so anyway after a pretty stressful morning I think I've finally calmed down :). Has anyone tried the products on the list?

Lots of Love as always

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  1. I love you wishlist & the zara bag is my FAV~! :">

    Try checking out my blog too:::

  2. Cute blog, new follower :)

  3. Oh no, I would have been a complete mess if that exam situation had happened to me! Thankfully I'm WAY passed all that so wont ever have to worry about it lol. I love No7 skincare, but I haven't tried this. I know their micro dermabrasion facial scrub is supremely awesome though x :-)

  4. really does sound like a nightmare! a few weeks ago i was in the supermarket and spotted a couple of friends from one of my classes. they were like 'are you coming to the exam?' and i said 'yeah should we meet tomorrow before the exam and have lunch together?' and then they were like 'the exam is in 15 minutes, did you not know?'. i literally had a heart attack in the middle of the shop. i'd got the day of my exam completely wrong! fortunately i went straight to the exam (after buying a pen from the supermarket) and i think it went okay. i was kicking myself for getting the day wrong though! x

  5. Sounds like a stressful adventure! Glad that's over with! Yup, you deserve to just sit and relax now :)

    Love that Zara bag, it's so pretty!

    I'm your newest follower! Can't wait to see your future posts!


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