Friday, 1 June 2012

Ebay Haul and Etsy purchase

Hey guys
I thought I'd have a little break from revision to show you what I've bought recently.

I had a little ebay spree and bought some new/ old jewellery I was really looking for an old dainty watch with leather straps but I got a bit sidetracted on the way by owls :).

I have a bit of an obsession with owls and I really wanted a watch necklace

I got this watch because I think the Roman numerals are so cute

owl earrings
I was really sad that the owls had a gem missing but the sellers said if I send them a picture they'd send me a new pair :)

Dr Bronners magic soap
I've heard some good things about this especially for cleaning makeup brushes so I thought I'd get some and so far I really like it. It is very concentrated though so you need to keep that in mind when using it.

These are definitely my favourtie thing I have ordered recently. they are from Dotty and Alice which is an etsy shop. They are handmade and adorable I am definitely going to be ordering some more thins off this shop. They have some Eiffel tower earrings I have my eye on. I received an email saying it had been shipped a few hours after ordering it as well and received it the next day so I was very impressed.

What's your favourtie items?

Lots of Love

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  1. those earrings are adorable! and i love that watch necklace...i have always wanted one, too! great buys.

  2. Oo I am obsessed with owls too and have the earrings version :)
    Really like the watch too!

  3. Gorgeous finds hun! I really love the owl necklace! :-)


  4. Lovely finds! I found your blog through the BLT blog hop!

  5. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! Ooh I love the vintage earrings, and I bet the owls would look nice if the other gem were there!

    Visit my blog if you have time! ;)


  6. I love ordering off Ebay!! I'm definitely going to have a browse after seeing your products!
    I've followed you sweetie and I'd love if you could follow me back as I only have one follower - boohoo :(.
    I'm currently working on a Summer Lookbook and will be uploading my YouTube video today in which I'd love for you to possibly check out.
    Much love, Luce x

  7. I love etsy/ebay! They have the greatest stuff! I really like that watch necklace you got!

  8. I definitely have an owl obsession as well! I have three owl necklaces. All a little bit different of course. :P



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