Monday, 18 June 2012

My Favorite Eye Creams - Review

Hey guys 
I've just finished packing to go to my boyfriend's for a few days. I thought I'd do a quick post as I'm not sure if I'll have time whilst I'm there. This is a post about a few eye creams that I have been trying out lately. I have a few fine lines under my eyes and they can sometimes become quite dark so eye creams are things I use everyday to keep my eyes from looking tired. 

No Old Bags Allowed Anatomicals Eye Gel
This is definitely the lightest of the creams and really it's more of a gel. It's very light and refreshing and does make my skin feel tighter however I don't think I can see any visible improvements to the under eye area. However I love the packaging of this brand it's so bright and eye catching. I bought this from John Lewis for about £3 so it's a very reasonable price. I use this often throughout the day to wake my eyes up.

No7 Awakening Eye Gel 
This is again a very light gel, I kept this on my desk during exam time and it definitely helped keep the puffiness of my eyes down. My boyfriend even commented that for how much sleep I was getting my eyes didn't look too tired so that's good :). I'm not sure if they sell this at boots since No7 has had a revamp, they might have renamed it? It was about £9 when I got it and I think I used a voucher so it was onlu £4 which is great. It's more expensive than the Anatomicals one but I can definitely see why.

Clinique All About Eyes
This is definitely my favourite product for improving the overall colour of the skin under my eyes. It gets rid of dark circles very well and also softens the skin. It's somewhere in between a gel and a cream so it's very lightweight. I try to put this on every night and when I wake up I can see the difference. I have a 7ml sample that my nan gave me but it has lasted me a very long time. A full size version is 15 ml and costs £23 which is very steep but if you're looking for an eye cream that really works I'd definitely recommend this one.

No7 Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum
Now I know this isn't technically an eye cream but I had a small sample version and I didn't think it was quite suitable for my skin. I decided to use it under my eyes to see if it could improve the fine lines as I think it is designed to improved the appearance of wrinkles on more mature skin. It definitely improved the lines, I use it along side the Clinique cream and I have noticed a vast improvement of the skin under my eyes. It is £21 for 30 ml.

So to sum up. The first two gels and great to use in the day if you feel your eyes looking tired, I definitely prefer the No7 gel though. The Clinique and the No7 serum I usually use in the evening before I go to bed to work their magic whilst I sleep. Also none of these are scented which I think is very nice

From left to right No7 Awakening eye gel / No7 Perfect and Protect Serum / Clinique all About eyes / Anatomicals no Old Bags Allowed

Have any of you tried any of these? what did you think?

Lots of Love

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful reviews! I will definitely be purchasing the Clinique cream, I need something new :)

  2. i need to try that clinique....i am notorious for under eye bags :(

  3. I need to try your favorite ones! My eye bags are getting worse each day!

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  4. i've never used an eye cream before but lately i've been thinking i need one. all the revision and late night cramming sessions i've had over the last couple of months have really taken their toll and my eyes are so dark and puffy. these reviews have really helped me. i think i need to try that clinique - i wish the best eye creams weren't always so expensive! x

    1. I know! I'm hoping it's going to last me at least a month I can't afford to buy one yet! xxx

  5. Definitely going to pick the Clinique one up soon, my eyes need a hand! X

  6. i'm still not in need of these eye cream or any treatment but i know someone whom i can recommend this looks perfect to me.

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