Sunday, 24 June 2012

My week in Pictures #7

Hey guys,
Hope everyone's had a great week. I was at my boyfriend's for most of it which was lovely. We played tennis and ate lots of yummy food :). I got my 2nd year results on Friday and I got  first which I was over the moon with. I'm back at home now, my mum came and picked my boyfriend and I up today and drove the 4 hours back to Kent. I don't get to come home very much due to the distance so it's nice to be back and my Dad's cooking a roast as we speak :). My house at uni is very quiet at the moment as most people have gone home. My housemate Amanda has gone to Spain for the summer to do a language course there and I miss her very much but hopefully I'll see her soon. I'll be very upset if she is way more tanned than me though.

Tickets to Kevin Bridges sooo excited / I Finally have a Zingy Picture / Tennis with the Bf / My Boyfriend's Cat Tigger / Driving home / Homemade Birthday Cake

I'm looking forward to watching the football tonight with my family with a few Beers :). I hope we win. have you all had good weeks? 

Lots of Love

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  1. Congratulations on your first! My results don't come out until Thursday i'm so nervous! x

    1. Good luck :) I'm sure you'll do great xxx

  2. I love that little guy off the ad!

  3. Congrats on your result- a First is amazing! I just missed out (I have just completely finished) so my advice to you is work hard, get on with your diss (if you have to do one) straight away and keep it up!

    I love the little EDF guy!



    1. awww no that's so annoying. I'm doing an intergrated masters so I don't do my diss until 4th year. xxx


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