Monday, 11 June 2012

NOTD elf Mint Green nail polish

Hey guys

Thought I'd post a quick NOTD before I start getting ready to go out tonight. For the first time since exams :).  This is the nail varnish I got in my elf haul here. I love the colour but you definitely need two coats. The consistancy isnt great however it was only £1.50 so you can't really go wrong. It did last for a good amount of time though even without a top coat. I might repurchase a nail varnish from elf again if they have a colour that I love, but I think if I could get the colour from somewhere else for a couple more pounds and it would be better quality I would.

Hope you like. Did everyone have a nice weekend?

Lots of Love

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  1. I've only ever tried one ELF polish, but it seemed to take forever to dry and really sheer. Did you find that with this one? x :-)

    1. I painted them whilst watching a film so I didn't really notice when they dried but I wasn't a massive fan of the formula xx

  2. Lovely colour! :-)

    Mint is one of my favourite colours at the moment and I've never tried an Elf polish before!



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