Friday, 15 June 2012

Review - No7 Beautiful skin Collection for oily skin

Hey guys
Hope everyone's had a good day despite the weather. My boyfriend and I went to play tennis but as soon as we got there it absolutley tipped it down and we got soaked, so that wasn't a very successful outing. Although we decided to make a chocolate cake instead which is very yummy :).

Today I have a review for you that I have been meaning to do for aaaages. I probably bought these products back in Febuary some time and just haven't gotten around to writing this review. The products I'm talking about are, The No7 Beautiful skin foaming cleanser and the No7 beautiful skin day cream. I bought both in the range that was for oily skin because as you all know my skin is oily to the max. So anyway lets get down to the review.

No7 Beautiful skin Foaming cleanser for oily / Normal skin
No7 beautiful skin

No7 beautiful skin
No7 beautiful skinWhat it says on the bottle - "Created to help your oily skin behave like normal skin and provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking bright and beautiful skin"

What I think - The wash itself being a foam has such a light feeling to it, it feels like it is dissolving all my makeup but at the same time it feels so light and gentle on my skin. 
This is definitely my favourite aspect of the wash. Oh and also it smells so fresh and that is exactly what I want when I wake up in the mornings. 
One pump is all that's needed and obviously is has lasted me a very long time. Part of the reason might be that I accidentally left it at uni when I went home for easter. I was at home for 2 weeks over easter and during that time I used a Nivea for young skin wash and it completely dried out my skin so I was so relieved to get back to my No7 wash. 

Obviously there is not going to be a magic fix for my oily skin and I wasn't expecting my skin to start behaving like normal skin, ( in my dreams), however I have noticed positive step towards my face not being like the inside of a deep fat fryer.. yay. To be completely honest I love this face wash. It gets rid of all the oil without over drying or irratiting my skin and I have definitely noticed an improvement on the overall condition of my skin. I will be repurchaseing it when I run out as it is my favourite face wash ever.

No7 beautiful skin Day cream for oily / normal skin
No7 beautiful skinNo7 beautiful skin
No7 beautiful skin

What I think - This moisturiser has a very creamy texture and smells similar to the face wash. It sinks into your skin instantly and feels very light for such a thick cream. it contains SPF 15 which I think is very important in a moisuriser. I really like the design of the tub as it means you can get all of the product out, I get very frustrated with always having a little bit stuck in the end of a tube. The moisturiser goes a long way, as you can see I still have a lot left and I use it nearly everyday, however, I don't use a massive amount as my skin is very oily anyway. 

Overall I'm not as smitten by this product as I am the face wash, I feel there are still other moisturisers out there that might fufill my needs better, but until I find them this is a great moisturiser.

Both these products are available from Boots, the face wash costs £9.00 and the day cream costs £12.50 and at the moment they are 3 for 2. Boots are also giving away a five pound off No7 voucher at the moment :). I really like the look of the beautiful skin range from Boots, the packaging is simple yet attractive and the pastel colours they have used are lovely.

have any of you tried these products? what did you think of them?

Lots of Love 

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  1. I've written a review of the day cream before, I really like it. Definitely considering trying the cleansing foam! Just bought the cleansing lotion and I like it, but don't love it yet. x

  2. I walked past the No7 skincare the other day and it looks so high end but, particularly with the £5 vouchers and 3 for 2 offers, are reasonably priced.

    I like the sound of the cleanser- would you say you have blemish prone skin? I do so I have to be super careful with what products I use. For example, I used the highly raved about Body Shop tea tree range and it did not agree with it- gave me more spots when its supposed to clear your skin up!

    Also what moisturisers would you recommend?



    1. yeah I still get the odd blemish, there's never a time when I don't have at least one spot. I really liked a nivea moisturiser for young skin it really mattified, also the simple one is good as my skin is slightly sensitive also. xx


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