Sunday, 17 June 2012

Week (or two) In Pictures

Hey guys,
I feel I have missed a couple of these posts due to exams so I thought I'd do a bigger one this week. This week has been great. I've had so much free time to do things I want, My boyfriend and I have played tennis and just generally spent time together which has been bliss. Lots of lazy lie ins and I know this is a bit sad but we have started watching friends from the beginning which has made me so happy :). 
We're going to my boyfriends parent's house tomorrow as it's his brother's birthday so I'm looking forward to home cooked meals and a comfy double bed. 

 Finally found a copy of Glamour with the Porefessional / Making a Chocolate Cake / My Prize from Rachel's Journal / Dominos / Starbucks with the bf

Wine gums to get me through revision / Evening Baileys / Book and face pack pamper sesh / Such a big mug / NOTD / Finished Chocolate Cake

Hope everyone has had a good week 

Lots of Love

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  1. Wait. What is this WINE GUM you speak of? I need to find out more about this...

    1. They're like chewy fruit flavoured sweets, no alcohol in them though unfortunately x

  2. Nom nom nom wine gums and baileys :P x

  3. Great pictures and nice blog, Meg!
    All the best :)

    Happy Hopping! Come visit me : Mrs Jack of all Trades


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