Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thursday Wishlist - Designer

Hey guys,
I went shopping at a designer outlet last week and saw soo many things I wanted but couldn't afford. My favourite being a Mulberry suitcase which is so cute. 

While I was there I started thinking ' I can't wait to be able to afford this sort of stuff' then I realised is this really want I want to aspire to spend my money on? I mean who needs to pay £500 for a pair of shoes when you can get a nice pair for £40 - £70. Do I really want to be the type of person who spends that sort of money on shoes, or handbags or dresses? I mean in Gucci there was a rather plain peach blouse, yeah it was nice but nothing special and it was £500!!! now in my opinion that's just crazy. Even if I am ever in the position financially to be able afford things like that I'd like to think I'd go to Zara and buy a similar one for ten times less. 

Anyway here is my wishlist from some of the shops we went in.

Trolly - Mulberry
Shea Butter Hand Cream - L'Occitane
Teal - Jimmy Choo
Skallien Dress - AllSaints

What do you guys think about spending huge amounts of money on things? 

I mean don't get me wrong I love those shoes in my list but they're £1000, do I love them £988 more than a really nice pair of heels that I got from ASOS in the sale?

I just don't know.

Sorry about my rambleings in this post.

Lots of Love

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  1. i really want to try loccitane too.
    i've been hearing so much good things about it <3

    1. I bought some solid perfume from there and it's gorgeous :) xx

  2. these items are gorgeous, and i bet you get what you pay for in terms of quality; but i do agree, i would never justify spending that much on a blouse when topshop, zara etc. have pretty much the same for £450 less! hah, i even think topshop is overpriced sometimes! :')xo

    1. Ha me too, I only shop there in the sale or if there's something amazing in there x

  3. Ooooh loving the Jimmy Choos especially with the All saints dress! :)

    I found you through Island Girl Insights blog hop :)


  4. I couldnt spend a ridiculous amount of money on one item of clothing - id find myself avoiding to wear it just because of how much id paid and i wouldnt want it getting ruined. I think it's nice to maybe own like one pair of designer shoes or something because then its more of a treat/luxury item but again id probably be hesitant to wear them because of the price.

    Id hate to constantly be wearing designer stuff just because i think it'd lose the novely feeling of owning or treating yourself to something designer.

    Natalie xx


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