Monday, 16 July 2012

What's in my bag - Travelling

In recent weeks I’ve been travelling back and forth from my house at university, my boyfriend’s house and my home. I’ve also been camping at Wimbledon and to stay at my boyfriend’s Nan’s. 

Due to all the moving around I’ve had to travel light in the cosmetics department which isn't always easy

Here’s what’s been in my bag for the past few weeks.

So let’s start with the basics, I obviously took with me my deodorant, I use the Nivea one because I love the smell and it’s gentle on my skin. Dry shampoo is a must have when you’re camping it proved very valuable when my hair was looking a bit worse for wear. 

I took some No7 beautiful skin cleansing water and some cotton pads as I wasn't sure what facilities there would be at the campsite. I also took some earplugs so I could still get my beauty sleep in the noisy campsite. I have some blotting papers from the body shop which I take everywhere with me due to my oily skin. They help eliminate some of the oil off my face during the day and are super useful. 

The Clinique eye cream and the Garnier under eye roll on were essential to hide the massive bags under my eyes due not getting enough sleep. The two brushes I chose were the buffing brush and the contour brush. I packed my favourite foundation, blusher and some pressed powder for my face, as well as my Clinique mascara and eyeliner.

 I think I managed to travel light very well; it’s so hard for us girls. My boyfriend just strolled out of our tent looking fresh as a daisy sporting the bedhead look, and he didn’t have to carry a makeup bag around with him.  Whereas I had to spend 20 minutes around a crowded mirror trying to beautify myself. I needed to give myself the best chance I could that Roger Federer would see me and decide he must have me. (He would not want me looking like I did as I crawled out of our tent at half 4four in the morning, It was not a pretty sight). 

What are your essential beauty items when travelling?

Lots of Love

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  1. Hey :) I LOVE whats in my -insert type of bag- bag videos!

    I don't travel much but I'd say this is pretty much what I would take, give or take a few!

    Love the photos - very clear and sharp!

    Found you via the BlogLoveTherapy bloghop - glad I did too, look forward to your future posts! (^__^)


  2. I wish I knew how to use half that stuff so I could carry it regularly too. I only take mascara and Touche Eclat with me when I'm travelling a lot! Perhaps a blusher too just so I look a bit more lively :) xx

    Island Girl Insights ♥

  3. Its so good to see another UK blogger :D I'm so glad I found you through BBU Blog Hop! I agree with the girl above, I wish I knew how to use half of these things properly! xx

  4. Great post! I too really try to limit what I take because it can be such a pain to lug everything along. I always take at least one eyeshadow, brow powder, mascara, mattifying powder, and lip balm xoxo

  5. I love Batiste Dry Shampoo it's saved me on many occasions! Vaseline is a must, I never leave the house without it.

    Michelle's Treasure Chest

  6. Batiste Dry Shampoo is amazing! Great blog! Following you now, can't wait to read more!

    I found you through the BBU Blog Hop, by the way
    LillaJade x

  7. The dry shampoo is handy to have but I have to have vaseline with me at all times :)

    Tanesha x

  8. hehe i think if roger federer had seen you he would have been in trouble with the missus ;P

    love the blog doll :)
    found you via BBU blog hop

    Breezeybee blog


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