Sunday, 12 August 2012

Urban Decay - Peacock / Preen Palette - Review

Hey Guys
So today I have a makeup review for you, I definitely don’t do enough of these on here so I’m going to try to get off my bum and do them more often.

I actually got the Urban Decay Peacock palette a while ago, but it is still by far my favourite. I don’t know exactly what it’s called, I think it might officially be the preen eye palette but I just call it the peacock palette as it has a picture of a peacock on it.

Urban decay Peacock Palette

Urban decay Peacock Palette

The palette is made up of six eye shadows. 
Snatch – A peachy pink with pieces of glitter in it to create a gold shimmer
Mildew – A dark green
Flash -  A gorgeous bright purple
Painkiller – A bright aqua blue
Smog –a coppery / brown colour
Toasted – a brownish nude colour

The pallete also came with a primer potion and an eyeliner, however both of these got used up a long time ago as they are both remarkable products.

The overall quality of the eyeshadows is incredible; extremely pigmented, glide on perfectly and they blend like a dream.

I especially love using Smog and Toasted together to create a natural look. I think this palette has a great variation of colours, I can create a natural look for the day but also use Flash or Painkiller to create more of a bold night-time look.
The packaging itself is gorgeous too, beautifully decorated inside and out. It is also sturdy enough to carry around with you; the lid is magnetic to keep it closed.
Urban decay Peacock Palette
Urban Decay - Pecock / Preen Palette - Swatches
From left to right - Snatch / Mildew / Flash / Painkiller / Smog / Toasted

Urban decay Peacock Palette

Urban decay Peacock Palette

The only downside to this palette is that I don't think it is available any longer, although you'll probably be able to find it on ebay.

I know everyone raves about the naked palette and although it is a lovely palette which I will probably buy someday, I think I'd miss the brights that you get in this one.

Do any of you own this palette? what do you think of it?

Lots of Love

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  1. I have this palette and really love it! It's perfect for a weekend away as there's the perfect mix of colours. For my 2 week holiday however I'm bringing the anniversary palette as again there's a great mix of neutrals and brights but a few more colours xo

    1. ooo yeah that one looks really nice :) xx

  2. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows, I will buy myself a palette when I go back to university and my job, so excited!

    The colours in this palette look lovely, I especially like the look of 'Toasted' :)

    Amy xx

  3. Lovely packaging :)



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