Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thursday Wishlist #6

Hey guys
Funny story to tell you.....
So this morning been a total nightmare, I thought I had an exam at half past 4 however it was at nine in the morning. My alarm went off at nine and I realized I was meant to be at my exam. The next 5 minuted were pretty eventful but horrible however it's all over now and I can laugh about it. 

So after a quick panic attack I managed to make it onto campus for 9:10 thanks to a very nice man who lives down my road who saw me frantically running to the bus stop and offered to give me a lift. I looked a total mess we're talking unbrushed hair and not even a smudge of make up. anyway when I got to campus my boyfriend phoned me and told me I was at the wrong place thanks to him telling me the wrong place to begin with, (never trust a boy), the place I had to be in was in fact across the other side of campus which meant I had to run. I was so scared I wasn't going to be allowed in but I made it there at 9:25 after crawling through a bush and running up a pretty big hill. I was pretty traumatized by the time I got there and drenched in sweat not a great look. I was so sacred I was going to fail but I think I managed to do reasonably well and got some good early morning exercise in. 

So after that ordeal I'm giving myself the day off to read and blog :). Here is my Thursday wishlist and on it are products that I intend to buy after exams are over, however I might look for a cheaper version of the Zara bag.
Beauty and book wishlist

so anyway after a pretty stressful morning I think I've finally calmed down :). Has anyone tried the products on the list?

Lots of Love as always

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

My week in pictures #5

Hey guys
I have been loving the weather this week. I've been giving myself little revision breaks to have a read of my book in the sun and am happy to say my tan is coming along nicely :). Although I went to play tennis yesterday and forgot to put on sun tan lotion and now I'm a little burnt. It's so easy to forget to put it on when you're playing sport but I've definitely learnt my lesson. 
We had a BBQ on Thursday evening which was lovely, I made a potato salad and egg mayonnaise and my housemate made a massive bowl of coleslaw all of which are my fave summer foods. 

Other than that my week's been full of revision *sigh* it will all be over soon though. 

Cider at the Pub / Homemade Chicken Kebabs / New Ebay Watch / Tennis / New Earrings / Ice Cream with Maple Syrup

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine :)

Lots of Love

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Friday, 25 May 2012

e.l.f. Mineral founation review

Hey guys
so as you know a couple of weeks ago I made my first e.l.f. purchase I've already told you all about how much I love the blush I got here so now I'm going to tell you all how much I love the mineral foundation. 

I got the fair one because I am so pale a the moment, I'm hoping this weather we're having will sort that out soon though. It cost £3.50 which I think is amazing for a mineral foundatio and it came in a little box. I wasn't quire sure how to apply this foundation at first as I've only ever used liquid before, in the end I settled for my No7 foundation brush and it worked relly well. 

The main problem I have with my skin is that it's very oily, actually very is an understatement it produces so much oil I could probably run a car off it, gross I know. Anyway because of this I find foundation always sits so heavy on my skin and doesn't last long. The elf one however being a powder just feels so light on my skin I love the feeling of it and you can put as much on as you need to to build up the coverage. 

However I would say it doesn't have anymore staying power than the other foundations I've tried. I especially love it as a concealer under my eyes the 
way you can build it up makes it so useful for hiding bags.

elf mineral foundation
beauty elf mineral foundation

Now as you can see the pores on my nose and face are massive and very dark. Now I don't know if it's because of something I'm doing or what but if any of you have any tips to reduce them or make them go away please share!! 

I don't get a massive amount of spots anymore so my nose is the main area that a foundation needs to fix for me and as you can see it does. It works very well at covering up my large pores. 

I'm sorry about the photo of me without any makeup on I know my nose is so disgusting but I really wanted to show you what it did.

I will definitely be purchasing this product again when I next do an e.l.f. order. for £3.50 it's amazing!

Remember I also have twitter now so you can follow me @ascholarlife

Do any of you own this product? What do you think?

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thursday Wishlist #5 - Bralets

Hey guys,
Sorry for my absence over the past few days, I had my first exam today so as much as I wanted to I couldn't justify spending time on blogging. Instead I was stuck indoors while the weather was beautiful learning about thermodynamics. I'm giving myself the evening off tonight though so I thought I'd do my Thursday wishlist. Today's theme is bralets. I love these I think they look so good on some people although not sure if I'm one of them yet. I'm going to get one after my exams because they're just so summery and pretty. I also love the black lace one as it's perfect for going out. Although if you wear them outside a lot in the summer you might end up with some funky tan lines.

1) Black Lace Bralet 
2) Black Aztec Print Bralet
3) Blue Hawaiian Print Bralet
4)  Zip Front Floral Bralet
5) Tropical Print Bralet
6) Pop Art Purple Floral Crop Top
7) Purple Floral Print Bralet

I'm sorry if my posting becomes a bit sporadic I don't finish exams until the 9th of June so untill then I can't say how much I'll get to post. I have some great post ideas though so sit tight :).

What do you think of the Bralets?

The word bralet looks so wrong to me now.

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Week in pictures #4

Hey guys,
This week I hurt my foot so I wasn't able to leave the house I was tempted to post a picture of it but it's pretty gross. Sorry if my pictures are a bit boring but I haven't really been able to do much. I've had a pretty dull week tbh. The highlight has been the post everyday because of my online shopping addiction. I'll show you all what I got next week some time :).

Doodle of a moose on my revision / First Joliebox! / ELF haul / New cutest ever phone case / NOTD / Packages!

Hope you've all had a great week

Lots of Love

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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Joliebox May

Hey Guys,
So today I recieved my first ever beauty box. I'd decided I wanted one of these for a while now and for me it was a toss up between Glossy box and Joliebox an i don't quite know why buy Joliebox won. I was so excited when my boyfriend came in our room holding a parcel this morning. 
So in my box I got -

Talika Eye therapy patch
I was really intrigued by this item, at the moment with exams looming my eyes are feeling more tired than ever so I'm really excited to use this, I will probably use it tonight after my shower. It claims to be able to be used 3 times minimum and that it will smooth the eye area.
RMK make up base
 This is the item I'm most excited about, I'm looking for a good primer at the moment so this was perfect for me. I've never heard of the brand but I'm looking forward to trying it.
Organic Rose Moisturiser
It says it is a luxurious antioxident cream for all skin types. I haven't tried it on my face but I've rubbed  some on my hand and it smells so good.

China Glaze nail varnish - Material Girl
I have been wanting some glitter nail polish for a while now, I don't love the colour but I'm going to see how it goes.
I also got a makeup brush in my bag, the brush actually feels really nice so I'm glad to have received it.

For now I'm going to stay subscribed to Joliebox I really liked this box and I'm so excited to see what's in their birthday box next month.

What do you think of the box?

Lots of Love

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Friday Blog Hop

Hey Guys,
Last week I took part in a blog hop over at Kristin's blog and the blog with the most clicks gets to co host the blog hop the week after and last week that was me! Here is the post for the blog hop. I found some great blogs last week and it's a great way to find other blogs and get your blog noticed. Happy Hopping :). 

Lots of love

Meet Me on the Brightside
     Happy Friday Bloggers!  The weekend is almost here! Come link up to my Brightside Beauty Blog Hop for a chance to gain new followers and find amazing new reads. Linky list will be open now until this Sunday night 11:59 pm, Ohio time. There are only a few guidelines , so read and follow them all and let the fun begin.  Don't forget to come back every Friday to join the blog hop and enter future giveaways :)  The blog this weekend with the most views will win a co-host spot on next weekend's hop so get your network on :)
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E.L.F. Blush Candid Coral - Review

Hey Guys
So I promised a review of this product so here it goes. Now I don't currently own a vast amount of blushers, probably about 5 but this has to be my favourite all time blush. It's just so pretty, the colour is great for spring and I love wearing it.

I ordered it off the E.L.F. website and it cost £3.50 which it think is amazing value. It is called Candid Coral and hopefully you can see from the swatches that it does in fact give a shimmery coral colour. The texture is really smooth and it in my opinion applies nicely with a brush. I also love the packaging it's so sleek, it's something I would happily carry around in my handbag. I've tried to show in the pictures how good this product looks I hope it's clear for you guys.

I know it isn't up there with NARS and Mac but as much as I'd love a blush by one of them, at the moment my little bank balance couldn't take the £21 hit, so for now I am going to carry on loving and wearing this blush :).

I also love the packaging it's so sleek, it's something I would happily carry around in my handbag. I've tried to show in the pictures how good this product looks I hope it's clear for you guys.

I'd also like to say thank you, I've now hit 60 followers and I can't describe how thankful I am. I love you all and I really hope you're enjoying what I'm writing :).

What do you think of the blush? Do you love it as much as I do?

Lots of Love

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Thursday Wishlist #4 - Makeup

Hey guys,
I would love to own all of these products, the NARS highlighter especially. I've heard so many good things about all of these over the past few weeks. The thing that draws me to the Inglot Palette is the fact that you get to choose your own shadows to put in.

Inglot palette / Reve de Miel lipbalm / Jemma Kid - Light as Air Foundation / NARS Highlighter - Miss Liberty / Caudalie Beauty Elixer

Do any of you have these products? What do you think of them?

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

E.L.F Haul

Hey Guys 
So as I mentioned in my last post I was waiting for some online orders to arrive and yesterday my ELF on did :). now if any of you aren't familiar with ELF they are an online makeup store and they often do free delivery which I waited for before I made my order. I was a bit apprehensive about buying form them at first as they are so cheap I wondered what the quality would be like but I am pleasantly surprised.

When I opened the box I was impressed with what I saw, I wasn't expecting each item to be packaged so nicely, I mean it wasn't anything that special but it was just nice for each product to have it's own packaging.

I am planning to do individual reviews of some of the products so here's a brief lowdown on what I bought

1. Clarifying pressed powder - 1307 Rosy Beige
Unfortunately this powder is a bit too dark for me at the moment, hopefully it will be of use in the summer. But it has a nice texture.

2. Nail polish - 1556 Mint Cream
I am obsessed with this colour at the moment and can't wait to try it out. It will have to wait until my sparkly blue nail varnish starts to chip though as I currently love it too much to warrant taking it off just yet.

3. Mineral Foundation - Fair
I love this product so much a full review will be coming your way soon :).

4. Translucent Matifying powder

I haven't really got to use this product yet but I love how it comes with a little sponge of it's own.

5. Blush - Candid Coral

This is my second favourite item I bought and again I will do a full review of it. 

Do any of you have any of these products? what do you think of them?
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Lots of Love

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD and Tuesday treats

Hey guys
Hope you all had a good Monday, for me the reality of exams has finally kicked in so yesterday was the most productive day I've had with respect to revision. 

I'm very excited today though as I'm expecting some ebay and E.L.F deliveries so I'm listening for the doorbell like some kind of Meerkat. Anyway here are some pictures of my nails that I hope you like. 

I used Rimmel professional finish shade 420 aqua cool, then I used a Claire's glitter polish over the top and I love the effect.  I can't remember when I got the glitter polish I think it was in a set one Christmas but I don't think I appreciated it enough at the time. I'm pretty sure I decided I was too old for Claire's products and vowed not to use it which was a bit stupid of me. 
I like it because the glitter particles are really small and so give a really nice smooth finish. I used two coats of the glitter polish but it looked good with just one on too. The brush in the blue nail varnish is the best thing about it I don't know how well you can see it in the picture but it is really wide and flat which makes applying it sooo easy and gives a great finish.


Also It's Tuesday so it's time for another Tuesday's Treats Blog Hop my treat is this Cath Kidston phone case, I've just ordered one with a different design because it was a lot cheaper, but I really want this one too! But the one I got is also very pretty and I will no doubt be uploading a photo of it when it arrives.

Lots of Love

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Monday, 14 May 2012

My week in pictures #3

Hey guys 
Sorry this post is a day late I've been revising so much I've lost all track of time and dates. Hope everyone has had a good week. I hurt my foot so I haven't even been able to leave the house I've  been going a bit stir crazy but it's getting  better so that's good :).

FOTD / Cool Revision Cards / Revision Hair / American Pie the Reunion! / Monopoly Yay / Homemade Lemon cake / My Character in a Diseases Game.

So yeah as you can see my week hasn't been too exciting although my boyfriend did have to carry me to the cinema to see American Pie the Reunion which was fun :). The film was very good by the way I would definitely advise seeing it. 

Have you had an interesting week?

Lots of Love

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Review - Lush Rub Rub Rub shower scrub

Hey guys,

I’m sorry this review has taken such a long time to arrive, I just wanted to use the product for a decent amount of time before I reviewed it.  I got Rub Rub Rub shower scrub three weeks ago from Lush, and since then I have used it on average about 3 times a week.

As you can see the scrub itself is bright blue which I think is very cool, it also has an amazing smell. When I was in Lush the lady who was helping me said it had a great smell but I wasn’t so sure at the time. The smell is quite hard to appreciate if you just sniff the pot, but once it is on your skin it really develops and stays with you all day. I wish there was some way to beam the smell to you because I have just used it on my hands to do the swatches and now I can't stop smelling my hands. On the tub it says the fragrance is mimosa and orange flower, it claims to leave a subtle smell on the skin all day and it definitely does. The scrub is made from all natural ingredients, the main one being sea salt, and was handmade, like all Lush products are.

Under directions the product says "If you want a gentle scrub, use with water like a shower gel. if you like it rough, get a big handful straight from the pot, rub onto a dry body then into the shower"

Now I use this in the shower, mainly on my legs as this is where I get the most dry skin but it is suitable for your whole body and the best thing is that it doubles as a wash so you don’t need to use another product. It also says use it on dry skin, now this scrub is very rough anyway so I personally wouldn't want to use it dry on any skin that is sensitive however this is amazing as a dry scrub for your hands and feet. I know my feet aren't in great condition after neglecting them all winter and this scrub has been amazing at helping me get them ready for summer and it also makes your hands feel soooo smooth :).

One thing I would say when using it in the shower is to make sure your body isn't too wet. This is because I have found that if you put it onto skin that is very wet all the salt dissolves in the water very quickly. bringing me onto another point, remember to put the lid back on straight away when in the shower because if you get any water in the pot some of the salt will dissolve. I left mine off whilst I was scrubbing my legs and when I looked back there was a small puddle of blue liquid in the scrub.

So would I buy this product again? the answer is yes, I love lush as a company and buying anything from them always makes me feel happy. The scrub itself left my body feeling smooth and clean and smelling great.  it was about £7.50 and as you can see still has a very good amount left after 3 weeks of usage. I probably won't buy it again as soon as I run out because I feel there are so many great scrubs out there to try but this will definitely go on a list of scrubs that I love.

Have you tried this scrub before? Would you want to try it now?
Lots of Love  

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