Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Favourites

Wow it seems like only last week I was writing my June favourites, this month has gone so quick, maybe because we finally got some nice weather!
Here’s what I’ve been loving this month.

Clinique take the day off makeup remover

This is without a doubt the best eye makeup remover I have ever used whoa big statement there. I think I’m going to write a separate review about it in the next week so I won’t write too much about it here. It’s a two part formula that easily removes all traces of makeup on your eyes lips and cheeks.  It’s £16.00 for a 125ml bottle here is a link to the website.

The Body shop Almond milk lotion

During the summer I like to use quite a light moisturiser due to the heat. There is nothing worse than feeling sticky all over on hot summer days. My favourite one this year is the almond milk body lotion from the body shop. The formula is very lightweight and quite runny rather than think and creamy which is why I like it so much for the summer. Like all body shop products the smell is amazing, it leaves you feeling soft and smelling good.  I can’t find this on the body shop’s website anymore so unfortunately maybe they’ve stopped doing the products.

L’Occitane hydration cream

I got this in a Jolie box recently and it has fast become my go to moisturiser. It’s really light on my oily skin but leaves it feeling moisturised. It smells so good too, I can smell it on myself throughout the day after putting it on.  I’m just sad I only have a sample size; I like it so much I might have to go buy the full sized version and just not look at the price. £25.00 for 50ml eeeek

Boots Essentials 3- minute clay mask

I’m so glad I’ve discovered this product, It’s so cheap but so effective. If you have oily skin I’d definitely recommend getting this. After use I find that my skin is notably less oily for the few days that follow. I don’t put this mask all over my face because it can be a lot of hassle; I usually just put it on my nose and the areas around it one to two times a week. It also has a very refreshing cucumber scent. The best thing is that it’s a steal at only £2.03 and is available at Boots.

L’Occitane Rose solid perfume

Yes I am loving L’Occitane this month, I would buy the whole shop if I had the money. This solid perfume is so useful; I just slip in in my bag and can use it wherever I go. The scent itself is lovely it’s not too rosy but actually a really nice fresh scent. It is called 4 Reines s it is in fact a blend of four different rose scents. It is £7.50 and I imagine the pot will last me for a long time. I’m giving away another L’Occitane solid perfume in my giveaway as I love this one so much.

 What have you guys been loving this month?

Lots of Love

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Graze Box Review

Hey guys,
I recently got sent an email offering me a free Graz box. Graze is a company that sends a box of healthy but yummy snacks straight to your door. You can get one delivered as often as you want, once a week or once a month. You can select which snacks you want to try on your profile and they send four of your selections to you.

Here is what I got in my box

Tomato Dipinetti – Slow cooked cherry tomato relish with rosemary grissinetti
These are little rosemary bread sticks to dip into the tomato relish; this was probably my least favourite item as I’m not a big fan of tomato. My boyfriend definitely enjoyed them though!

Chili and Garlic OlivesI was so happy to get these. Olives are one of my favourite foods ever especially garlic ones. These were my favourite item in the box they were so scrumptious!

Toffee Apple – Granny Smith apple with toffee sauce
This was another great item. When dipped in the toffee sauce the dried apples were gorgeous and only 68 calories! I’d eat these over a packet of crisps any day.

Lemon and Poppy Slice with an Afternoon Tea InfusionI love lemon cake and this one was delicious. It was nice and moist and the little tea bag was a really nice addition.

Overall I love the idea of getting sent a box full of healthy snacks. Each box costs £3.89 which is good value for what you get, I personally can’t afford to get one a week but I will definitely be treating myself every now and again as you can order one off boxes whenever you want. It’s also really easy to start and stop your subscriptions at any time. The box it comes in is really sweet aswell and completly recyclable twhich is great :).

If any of you want a free box go to Graze.com and enter the code F29LNHQ

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Lots of Love

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Week In Pictures

Hey guys,
Sorry I've not done one of these in a while, I had some uni friends down last week so was very busy. I live in a small town on the coast and every year we have a regatta which is really fun. My friends both live very central so don't have a beach and they loved it. We watched fireworks, saw a carnival, swam in the sea and went out to the local pubs. All in all it was a lovely week and we were so lucky with the beautiful weather.

Bowling! / Strawberry and Mango fruit salad / The Pier on a Sunny day / At the Beach / Caramel Latte / Fireworks on the Beach

Hope you have all been enjoying the weather? Do any of you have regattas where you live?

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Lots of Love

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Book Review - The Girl Who Chased The Moon

Hey guys,

I thought I’d do something a little different today. I’m going to write a book review, when I started this blog I really wanted it to include lots of posts about books but I don’t have the time to read as much as I’d like to. In fact the only other book post I’ve done is this one here, if you’d like to read about my all-time favourite books check it out.

This is a review of ‘The Girl Who Chased The Moon’ by Sarah Addison Allen.
It tells the story of Emily Benedict who returns to her mother’s home town to try and uncover some of the mysteries surrounding her life. The town called Mullaby is full of strange happenings and the unexpected. Emily quickly starts to do the only thing she knows, baking to help her as she tries to discover and come to terms with the town’s secrets.

Now I know you should never judge a book by its cover, but the cover is just so cute it grabbed me. When I read the blurb I instantly loved the idea of a house where the wallpaper changes with you mood, I mean how cool is that. This book seemed like it had the perfect balance of fantasy, mystery and love.

So what is my verdict?
The book is a joy to read, perfect little novel for summer. One of the book’s main themes is acceptance; Emily is a lost teenager trying to find where she belongs in the world. It’s wonderful to follow her story as she finds her place.
The thing I loved the most about the book was the girly aspect to it, everything about it was very cute and sparkled with magic. When reading it you can almost smell the aromas of Emily’s delicious cakes and all the barbequed pork which is a tradition in the Deep South. The book is so simple yet so captivating; I will definitely be reading some more of her books.

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Lots of Love

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Monday, 23 July 2012

100 Follower Giveaway!!

Hey guys,

Recently I hit 100 followers :D wow So I've been planning this giveaway for a while. This is just a little giveaway for me to say thank you to my loyal readers. It makes me so happy to read your comments on my posts. I hope you all carry on to enjoy what I write. I have lots of great posts planned and I'm so excited to carry on blogging about all  my favourtie things :). Thank you again.

Now here's what you can win, I tried to pick some of my favourite items to offer you to make this a  bit more personal. The pink nail varnish is actually the same colour as one I won in a giveaway recently. I loved it so much I went and bought another one for you guys. The soap and glory products are all minis of my favourtie items from the range, I especially love the body mist, the little bottle makes it perfect for travelling.

Soap and glory - Hand Food
Soap and Glory - Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em Body Buff
Soap and Glory - Mist you Madly
Barry M - Pink Flamingo
Barry M - Cyan Blue
L'Occitane - Cherry Blossom solid perfume

Ok so I was a bit nervous about doing this as I've never done it before but I've decided to use rafflecopter. 

The only rule is that you need to follow my blog on GFC.
You can gain extra entires by following the instructions
The Giveaway is open internationally
It will run for 3 weeks

Good Luck

Lots of Love

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Monday, 16 July 2012

What's in my bag - Travelling

In recent weeks I’ve been travelling back and forth from my house at university, my boyfriend’s house and my home. I’ve also been camping at Wimbledon and to stay at my boyfriend’s Nan’s. 

Due to all the moving around I’ve had to travel light in the cosmetics department which isn't always easy

Here’s what’s been in my bag for the past few weeks.

So let’s start with the basics, I obviously took with me my deodorant, I use the Nivea one because I love the smell and it’s gentle on my skin. Dry shampoo is a must have when you’re camping it proved very valuable when my hair was looking a bit worse for wear. 

I took some No7 beautiful skin cleansing water and some cotton pads as I wasn't sure what facilities there would be at the campsite. I also took some earplugs so I could still get my beauty sleep in the noisy campsite. I have some blotting papers from the body shop which I take everywhere with me due to my oily skin. They help eliminate some of the oil off my face during the day and are super useful. 

The Clinique eye cream and the Garnier under eye roll on were essential to hide the massive bags under my eyes due not getting enough sleep. The two brushes I chose were the buffing brush and the contour brush. I packed my favourite foundation, blusher and some pressed powder for my face, as well as my Clinique mascara and eyeliner.

 I think I managed to travel light very well; it’s so hard for us girls. My boyfriend just strolled out of our tent looking fresh as a daisy sporting the bedhead look, and he didn’t have to carry a makeup bag around with him.  Whereas I had to spend 20 minutes around a crowded mirror trying to beautify myself. I needed to give myself the best chance I could that Roger Federer would see me and decide he must have me. (He would not want me looking like I did as I crawled out of our tent at half 4four in the morning, It was not a pretty sight). 

What are your essential beauty items when travelling?

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Week In Pictures - Wimbledon

Hey guys,
I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, I know I technically went a few weeks ago now but I wanted to show you the pictures from when we went to Wimbledon.

It was such a great but lengthy day. We decided to queue for tickets for the men’s quarterfinals which were on the Wednesday. We got a train at six in the morning on Tuesday to get there for 8 o’clock on Tuesday I am not a morning person so that was a massive effort and got myself a well-earned cup of tea when we arrived.

It was all a massive muddle when we got there but we were eventually organised into a queue and waited to see if we were one of the first 500 people there. The first 500 people get centre court tickets and they were what we wanted as centre court has a roof. Once we were organised into a queue based on the time we arrived we were allowed to go pitch our tent.

We hit a bit of a snag at this point as we realised our pop up tent didn’t have a waterproof groundsheet and the ground was soaked. So we pegged black sacks down and put our tent on them a stroke of genius on my part, bit makeshift but it worked J. By this time it was about 10 o'clock and the stewards said they’d come round with queue cards with our number on at about midday.

 At this point we still had no idea if we were going to be in the first 500. So we went and bought some food and a pack of cards and waited. When they finally came round we were number 270 so it had all been worth it and we breathed a sigh of relief. It rained for the rest of the day so we spent it in the tent playing cards and eating chocolate which was a great was to spend the afternoon.

Our Queue Cards
The next day we were woken up at 4 by the rain dripping on our faces, it turned out our tent was in no way waterproof and it had rained heavily all night so we were pretty damp. I went to change into something dry and do my makeup. We were all packed away and queuing again by half 6. We were all so tired but so buzzing about seeing Federer and Murray. We got our tickets and were in Wimbledon at about 10.

The gateway into the Grounds

Our Wristband and Tickets

The play on centre court was due to start at one so we went and bought some strawberries and watched some doubles on the lower courts. By the time we got onto centre court the rain had cleared up and we had some great seats. We were waiting for the players to come on when Kate Middleton arrived looking as stunning as ever.

Standing under the schedule of play

Doubles in the Sunshine


Centre Court

I think I was more excited to see her than the players much to the confusion of my boyfriend. The Federer match was astounding he played some of his best tennis and it was great to watch. The Murray match had an incredible atmosphere; he came through from one set down to win the match. It was great to be in the stadium where everyone was rooting for the Brit and he won.

Federer in Action

Sunshine for Murray

The day was such a great day out. We will absolutely be going again next year, maybe we’ll even get a waterproof tent.

The weekend after we went to my Boyfriend’s Nan’s 80th which had a 20s theme. They live in the New forest and have an outdoor heated pool, we played in the pool and danced to Jazz it was a lovely weekend.

The view from the end of my pier / Cute toy fox in Aubin and Wills / dipping my feet in the pool / Chiquitos / My Favourite food / The Pool

Have any of you been to Wimbledon Before?

Lots of Love

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thursday Wishlist - Designer

Hey guys,
I went shopping at a designer outlet last week and saw soo many things I wanted but couldn't afford. My favourite being a Mulberry suitcase which is so cute. 

While I was there I started thinking ' I can't wait to be able to afford this sort of stuff' then I realised is this really want I want to aspire to spend my money on? I mean who needs to pay £500 for a pair of shoes when you can get a nice pair for £40 - £70. Do I really want to be the type of person who spends that sort of money on shoes, or handbags or dresses? I mean in Gucci there was a rather plain peach blouse, yeah it was nice but nothing special and it was £500!!! now in my opinion that's just crazy. Even if I am ever in the position financially to be able afford things like that I'd like to think I'd go to Zara and buy a similar one for ten times less. 

Anyway here is my wishlist from some of the shops we went in.

Trolly - Mulberry
Shea Butter Hand Cream - L'Occitane
Teal - Jimmy Choo
Skallien Dress - AllSaints

What do you guys think about spending huge amounts of money on things? 

I mean don't get me wrong I love those shoes in my list but they're £1000, do I love them £988 more than a really nice pair of heels that I got from ASOS in the sale?

I just don't know.

Sorry about my rambleings in this post.

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Two Pairs of Levi's for £20!

Hey guys,
Sorry for the prolonged absence, I was planning to blog when I got back from Wimbledon but the time just escaped me. I feel like I’ve been living out of a suitcase for weeks so it’s lovely to be home for a month now. Probably the longest I’ve spent at home since I started uni which is CRAZY.

 After I got back from Wimbledon (photo diary coming soon), I stayed with my boyfriend for a few days. Whilst I was there we took a trip to a place called Bicester which is like a designer outlet. On the website they describe it as chic outlet shopping. The Village itself was very pretty and cute; I found it a really nice place to shop. Of course I wanted everything; unfortunately even at outlet prices I couldn't afford much. My boyfriend bought a lovely shirt from Pink which was down from £99 to £15 so there really were some bargains there.

I was unquestionably the winner of Bargain hunter of the day though. We went into Levis to get some new jeans for the bf as his had a rather awkward hole in the crotch area. When we got there they were reducing all the women’s jeans to £15! I couldn’t pass this opportunity up as Levi jeans are such great quality and £15 was so cheap. I then realised they were doing an offer where if you bought two pairs you got £10 off. I then made it my mission to find two pairs of jeans I liked in my size. By this time there was quite a crowd around the jeans and you know how crazy women get at sales. I managed to fight my way through the crowds and found two pairs I loved (one black one blue). I find it so hard to find jeans that fit me on the leg as I’m only a 27, so I was exceptionally happy when I found out that Levi do a free alteration service. I found two pairs of perfect jeans for £20 when they should have been over £100! Needless to say I was a very happy bunny.  

I love having nice jeans, the material feels such good quality and they are sooo comfy. I know I'm not going to take them off for a long time :).

Have any of you found any great bargains lately?

Lots of Love

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Monday, 2 July 2012

June Favourites

Hey guys
 Hope everyone’s good. Last night this blog reached 100 followers which is so exciting. I really can’t believe that 100 like this blog enough to follow it. I’m over the moon and to say thank you I will be hosting a little giveaway when I have the time. Anyway here are my June favourites in no particular order.......

L’oreal Elvive - Extraordinary oil

I bought this after my exams to give my neglected hair some shine back. I’ve heard so much about Moroccan oil and I’d read somewhere that this was a cheaper alternative. It claims so use 6 different flower extracts to enhance your hair and give it luxurious shine. I rub two pumps through wet hair before I blow dry it. The oil leaves my hair feeling soft and silky; the formula is light and in no way causes my hair feeling greasy. I find the smell amazing too; it’s quite sweet but not too strong. The oil comes in a glass bottle which I like and I can see it lasting me for a long time.  It is £9.99 and available from boots

Benefit - The Porefessional

This is the sample version that I got free in Glamour this month. You might know that the pores on my nose are enlarged and this is my main qualm about my face. The porefessional is designed to be worn under make up to reduce the appearance of pores and it does exactly that. I feel like I can use this on my problem areas dust over some powder and I’m good to go. Perfect for days where I don’t want to clog my skin up with a full face of foundation. I will definitely be purchasing the full size when this runs out / maybe I’ll ask for it for my birthday as it’s pretty pricey at £23.50. Oh and it smells amazing too, like oranges almost.

No7 - Hot cloth cleanser

I have already done a full review of this here. It has been one of my go to products this month though so has earned a place in my June favourites. £10 from Boots.

Soap and Glory - Breakfast scrub

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this product but had never tried it so when my friend went home for the summer and left a pot here I was so excited to try it. OMG where has this been all my life. It is amazing and the smell is just gorgeous. It leaves my body feeling smooth and soft. I will be repurchasing this as soon as this one runs out. £9.50 from Boots

Clinique – All about eyes

Again I have already done a review of this product here. This has become one of my firm favourites, it leaves my eyes looking and feeling good.  £23.00 from Clinique stands

Aussie - 3 minute miracle luscious long

I bought this product after exams to give my hair a little TLC. I love the 3 minute miracle range, I decided to get the luscious long one as my hair has gotten quite long and because of this the ends aren’t in very good condition. The conditioner doesn’t have the standard Aussie smell it is more fruity but still lovely. The conditioner leaves my hair feeling nourished and the split ends are a lot less visible. The one bad thing I would say is that it doesn’t seem to be lasting me very long which is a bit of a shame especially as it’s £4.99 which is quite expensive. Although they’re 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots so I might stock up.

Hope you’ve liked my June favourites. I won’t be posting for a few days as I’m heading to Wimbledon at a ridiculous time in the morning tomorrow. We’re going to camp overnight to try and get tickets for the quarter finals on Wednesday. I’ll hopefully do a photo post about it when I get back if it is something you guys would be interested in?
Lots of Love
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Week In Pictures #8 - There's No Place Like Home

Hey guys,
Hope everyone's had a great week. I've had a lovely week, I was at home for the first part of the week so I thought I'd include some snaps I took whilst me and the bf were having a picnic on the beach. 
 The pier on my beach

 Cheeky seagull waiting to steal my food

So this is where I live. My house is about a 10 minute walk away from the beach which is amazing in the summer. We were really lucky to have such a nice day to eat our sausage rolls and pastys that we bought from the local bakery. I find it so weird living inland at uni but it makes it so nice to go home for summer.

We also went to the arcade along the seafront and played on the 2p machines. I spent far too much of my childhood in this arcade... far too  much of my money too. I still have a great time there though, I could spend all day in there if I had the money, I'm just a big kid really.

Here is my usual picture collage about my week. I worked at the open days at my uni which was really fun but very tiring. I got to show off all my second year knowledge, I still can't believe I've been there 2 years already!

Me at work in my Stylish Poncho / Olympic Sign at St Pancras / My Topshop Order Arrived / Meal Deal with the Nicest Juice Ever / 2p Machine at the Arcade on the Seafront / ASOS Haul

I made two major online orders this week so expect a lot of OOTD posts coming your way. I finally found some pastel jeans that fit me yay :).

Lots of Love

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