Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life In Pictures

Hey Guys,

I realised I haven't done a week in pictures in a while so I decided to do a life in pictures. In September I started my 4th year of my Chemistry degree, this has kept me really busy so I haven't had chance to do very much. I went home for my birthday in October which was really nice, I hadn't spend my birthday at home since before I started uni! The bar down the road from me has recently started doing pitchers of cocktails which means that's where you'll usually find us at the weekend now :). 

On my birthday my friend came up to visit and baked me an amazing cake which included edible versions of all my favourtie make up. 

Home / Pitcher of Cocktail / My Gorgeou Cat / Duck Pancakes / Big Night Out / Amazing Birthday Cake

What have you all been up to lately?

Lots of Love


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick - Review #2

Hey guys,

Earlier in the year I wrote a review on two Calvin Klein lipsticks that I bought from Fragrance Direct. I love Fragrance direct and I always manage to find some great bargains on there. They're well known for doing Essie nail polishes at a huge discount and my Essie collection has all come from the site. I already have two of the Calvin Klein lipsticks but I love them so much I couldn't resist ordering some more, I really think these are a hidden gem.Unfortunately the colours displayed on the site aren't a very good representative of the actual colours of the lipsticks so I rely heavily on swatches that bloggers upload. I would recommend always doing a quick google search of the colour you want to buy and checking out the images that come up.

The lipsticks themselves live up to their names, the have a thick and creamy texture and feel very luxurious.They last well throughout the day, but I always keep them handy for a top up. 

1) Delightful
Delightful is a bold pink which is perfect for day wear but can also be worn in the evening. I find myself often reaching for this in the morning as it's just so wearable.  

2) Clear Rose
Clear Rose is a darker pink with a hint of shimmer to it. I find this is wearable in the day but I prefer to wear in when I'm out for drinks in the evening. 

Mesmerize is a perfect dark pink shade and I have worn this out many times recently. I love it for this time of year and can see myself reaching for this on Christmas eve when I go out for festive drinks. The difference between this one and Clear rose isn't massive so it is probably unnecessary to have both but for £1.99 who cares? 

4) Orange Too

It's hard to compare this to the other lipsticks as they are such different shades but I think that this is my favorite. When I ordered it I was scared it would be too orange for me but it's a great balance between orange and red which makes it very wearable. Whenever I've gone out with this on recently people have complimented it and in my opinion it can be worn day or night.  

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review and I hope it helps people gauge the colours of the lipsticks a bit better. As you can probably tell from this review I love these lipsticks, at £1.99 they're great value for money and there is a massive colour range available. No doubt I'll be adding some more to the collection soon. If you want to order any they're available at Fragrance Direct, and while you're on there I'd definitely check out the Essie polishes too.

I also thought I'd let you guys know that I've started using my instagram alongside my blog a lot more If you'd like to follow me on there my username is mthomsett1 or you can click here

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nails Inc Magazine Freebie

Hey guys,

I've seen this a lot of places this month but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. This month Glamour has a Nails Inc varnish to offer and this was just too good to pass up. There are four colours on offer, black. red, silver and gold which are all perfect for this festive time of year. On top of a nail varnish you also get a body shop joy card which is worth either £3, £15 or £100 I know I'll be shopping in body shop sometime before christmas so it's worth buying the magazine just for the card!

Glamour is £2 and can be bought from most supermarkets or newsagents.

Lots of Love


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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Wishlist - Winter Boots

In my opinion during the winter months a decent pair of boots are a girl's best friend. For me the pair of boots I pick to see me through the winter need to be durable, waterproof, warm and of course look the part.John Lewis have a great selection of boots from all sorts of brands and in my experience with boots you really do get what you pay for. So many times I have opted for a cheaper pair of boots and every time the saying 'buy cheap buy twice' echoes through my mind. This year I have decided to take the plunge and actually buy a pair of boots which fingers crossed will keep my feet toasty and dry throughout the winter months. Here is a selection of boots that I am lusting over at the moment.

4) Hobbs Casey Ankle Boots
5) Carvela Snoop Suede Ankle Boots
6) John Lewis Harmony Chelsea Ankle Boots

 I think all these boots are gorgeous and I would love to own any of them, I especially think the John lewis boots are great value and I might have to make a cheeky purchase.

Which boots are your favourite?

Lots of Love

*Sponsored Post

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn Nails

Hey guys,

Autumn is in full swing and that means deep purples and reds are everywhere, so I decided to so an autumn themed nail post. As much as I'm sad that it's getting colder day by day, I do love the colours of autumn and it feels so good when you're wrapped up warm.

From Left to right on my nails

No7- Stay perfect nail colour - Betty Blues
No7- Stay perfect nail colour - Rose Truffle
Barry M - Nail Effects
Essie - Carry On

I love the O.P.I. nail polish especially, I think it's the perfect colour for autumn and is also really good quality. I know it's going to be a firm favourite of mine this year. 

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Monthly Spluge #3 - Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Hey Guys,
This may be the last monthly splurge post for a while as I have decided to go on a spending ban because I've already spent all my student loan ahhhh. However it was my birthday recently so I let myself have one last splurge with some birthday money before I get really strict with myself.

Having oily skin I've always assumed I can't use facial oils, however I was recently reading a post by The Sunday Girl on the best oils for oily skin and she convinced me to buy the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.
The Clarins Lotus Face Treatment oil is aimed at oily or combination skin, and is designed to balance the production of sebum. I've been massaging two drops on my face most days for about a month now and I have to admit it has made a big difference. I get really dry skin on the sides of my nose but that's also where I produce the most oil, after using the Clarins oil the dry patches have greatly improved and the oil production has decreased. This is like a Holy Grail product for me as it seems to hydrate the skin deep down, the dry/oily patches on the side of my nose used to drive me crazy as it made foundation application very difficult. My foundation is now applying better and my skin is feeling softer than ever.

The Clarins oil has Lotus extract which helps refine skin and essential oils which make it smell absolutely gorgeous. I'm so glad I've found an oil that works for my skin, and once my spending ban is over I'm going to find some more that are aimed at oily skin. The Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is available here for £30

Have you tried this oil before? Do you have any recommendations for more oils that are good for oily/combination skin?

Lots of Love

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Interrailing Budapest

If you read my previous post on Prague you'll know that my boyfriend and I travelled around Europe over the summer. This post is going to be on perhaps one of my favourite places we visited, Budapest.  A lot of my friends had told me that Budapest was amazing so I had high hopes for the city. We got the train straight from Prague to Budapest which took about 8 hours and we met a lovely Australian girl on the train so the hours flew by talking.

When we arrived in Budapest we were a little more prepared than we were in Prague and we knew where our hostel was, so we hopped on the metro and soon arrived at our hostel. The hostel was called Home Made Hostel and it was probably one of our favourite hostels we stayed at on our whole trip. It was so friendly and welcoming and had a cute little kitchen, we stayed in a private room on the first night to recover and have some time to ourselves and then we moved to the dorm for the rest of the nights. The hostel arranged a bar crawl on Saturday night and the people who worked at the hostel took us out for a great night. The people who worked there were so nice and I had such a great night out with them, they even lent us money when our card stopped working and that made such a difference to our night as it stopped us freaking out. One of the things that Budapest is most famous for is the ruin bars, these are old building which were abandoned during communism which young people then turned into bars. They were so cool, most of the ones we went to were open air and full of fairy lights for the lighting, one even had a random old car in the middle of the dance floor.  All in all we had such a fun night out with everyone from the hostel, Blanca was so lovely and I would fully recommend this hostel if you are passing through Budapest.

Another thing that Budapest is famous for is its thermal baths, after the bar crawl we woke up a little worse for wear and we decided that a soak in the baths would be a perfect way to spend our day. The city has five thermal baths which are left over from the Turkish era, they are all over the city due to the thermal springs which lay underneath! The day we spent in the baths was one of my favourite days, the outside baths were a toasty 40°C and we laid in them for hours.  Inside the building there were 12 more pools all with varying temperatures and mineral contents. We stayed at the baths for 8 hours and the only reason we left was because we got really hungry, I would happily spend my life in those baths and I wish we had some in England.  When we got back to the hostel we felt so clean and relaxed it was amazing.

On our last day we decided to do a walking tour so we could see some of the city we hadn't yet seen. The tour was really informative and we got to see so much of the city, we even got given a little booklet about things to do (and not do) in Budapest at the end which was really useful. On our last evening we took a river cruise along the Danube, it was so spectacular to see all the buildings lit up.

Rob with the drinking water lion statue in the main square
St Stephen Basilica
Rob and I looking over Pest
Cruising along the Danube
The Danube
Me and a famous Hungarian actor

I would thoroughly recommend visiting Budapest, my boyfriend and I are already planning our next visit as we loved it so much we know we have to go back soon.

Have any of you been to Budapest? If you're planning to go please email me with any questions you have and I can give you some more information.

Our next stop was Croatia so prepare to hear about that soon.

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interrailing - Prague

This summer my boyfriend and I travelled around Europe for a month, it was the last long summer holidays we were going to get together so we wanted to make the most of it. We first had the idea to go inter-railing and buy the pass but when we looked into where in Europe we wanted to go we decided it would be cheaper to just pay for the travelling as we went around. We really wanted to go to Eastern Europe and the Balkans and we had heard it was very cheap to travel here and that there wasn't a very good rail system and in the end we were so glad that we hadn't forked out for the pass.

Because we were starting in Prague which was quite far across Europe we chose to fly there in order to save time. So we arrived at the airport in Prague, I had previously researched that we needed to take the 119 bus to the metro station and then travel one stop on the metro. Unfortunately when we arrived we had no idea what the exchange rate was and no idea where our hostel was from the metro station. So there we were at the airport with no money and no clue where to go, we managed to find some people who knew a bit more and they told us how much a bus ticket was. Once we got off the tube we wandered around for a bit looking for our hostel, it was midnight at this point and we had no idea where we were so we did the only thing we could think of…… we went to McDonalds to get some food and more importantly free WiFi. Yes we are ashamed that the first food we bought in Europe was a Big Mac meal but we were desperate.

After we found our hostel and got ourselves settled we made a PoA for the next day. When we woke up we walked into the main square and went on a free walking tour. If you ever visit a big city abroad I would fully recommend going on a walking tour, our one lasted two and a half hours and was lead in English by a local. She was a great tour guide and I learnt so much about the city, at the end of the tour you could give a tip, we felt that she had done a great job and we gave what we could afford. The tour meant that we had a good idea of the layout of the city and where any sites were that we wanted to go visit and spend some more time at. One of the highlights for me was the Astronomical clock it looked so amazing and was so cool even if I had no idea how to read it.

Prague is such a beautiful city and looks like something out of a fairy tale, we climbed up the clock tower and got to see a beautiful panoramic view over all of Prague. On the second day we went to the castle, we made sure that we were there for 12:00 as we had heard there was a changing of the guard ceremony that we didn't want to miss. The ceremony was great to watch and we were so glad we caught it, after we had explored the castle we climbed up to a park. It was kind of like Hyde Park in London and we had a bit of a lie down in the sun and took in the scenery.

Astronomical Clock
Church Alter
Hanging Man Sculpture
View from the Clock Tower
Me on the King Charles Bridge
Prague Cathedral
View from the Castle
King Charles Bridge

Overall I loved Prague, the city itself was so beautiful and there was some delicious food and beer. I would definitely recommend Czech Goulash and I know my boyfriend enjoyed all the beer and there was some scrumptious local sweet pastry that I couldn't keep away from.  

Have any of you been to Prague?

My next post will be coming soon and will be on Budapest which was perhaps my favourite place on the whole trip.

If anyone wants any advice or tips on travelling around Europe, please feel free to email me as I know there are a lot of things I wish I had known before I went.

Lots of Love

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Travelling books #1

A  few weeks before I was leaving for travelling I realised I wouldn’t be able to pack as many books as I wanted for 31 days away, and because of this I finally caved and bought a kindle and I have to say I can't believe I waited so long. I've always loved the look and feel of books so therefore have never wanted to buy a kindle. However, faced with the idea of running out of books while I was away I decided at long last to buy one and since it arrived I haven't looked back.
I read 10 books on my Kindle whilst I was away, an amount that I would never have been able to carry with me. Today I'm going to talk about five of them.

Kate Morton is one of my favourite authors and I have actually read most of her books. Her previous book was called the distant hours and I was very disappointed by it, so disappointed in fact that I didn’t even finish reading it. However, after reading some good reviews of this one I decided to give it a go, and I am so glad I did. Kate Morton was back to her addictive self, the story kept me guessing until the very end and had a great twist that I could never have seen coming. The book itself is divided between London during the blitz and the present day, and is based around Laurel, a girl who witnesses a murder she doesn't understand. Now in the present day she is trying to comprehend why the murder took place and what she actually saw. I would definitely recommend this book; I was hooked from the beginning and couldn't put it down.  (4/5)

When I read the blurb belonging to this book I knew I had to read it, it was full of mystery and enchantment and I couldn't wait to start reading it. The book begins with two people being bound together to compete against each other in a challenge, as the reader you do not know any details of the challenge and this adds to the air of unknown about the book. The first half of the book, is out of the ordinary, well written and attractive, unfortunately the book goes downhill when it becomes clear it is simply a love story. I was very disappointed with this as I felt the book had a unique concept which it left behind to mimic some sort of twilight fan fiction. That being said I did still enjoy the book despite the weak ending. (3/5)

This book is your run of the mill chic lit, predictable, easy to read and to be honest a bit boring. It's not that this book wasn't good, it just didn't have any oomph to it, however sometimes that's what you want when you're laying on the beach soaking up the sun. Changing Lanes is a book about a woman who thought she had her life all planned out, however when those plans go wrong she finds herself moving back in with her parents to discover who she really is and wants to be.  (2/5)

This is one of those books that you find once in a blue moon, one that really makes you think about what you believe to be right and wrong and I really was not expecting it when I picked it up. It's about a woman who starts a new job caring for a quadriplegic; she soon becomes fond of him and spends her time trying to make his life worth living. Me before you is very emotional and I was in tears at the end (I won't tell you if they were happy or sad as I wouldn't want to spoil it) I would recommend this book 100% and it is one of my favourite books I've read in a long time. (5/5)

This is the second part in the Kingkiller trilogy which follows the adventures of Kvothe a cunning and powerful magician in a fantasy world. I have been waiting to read this book for a long time as I loved the first part 'The Name of the Wind', unfortunately I was disappointed with this book as to me it seemed to contain a lot of unnecessary and boring bumph. I was so eager to read about the legendary Kvothe but he seemed to skip out any exciting things that happened and instead wrote about the repetitive mundane aspects of his life. I am hoping that the next book is a little more exciting and I'm not going to give up on this series. (3/5)

Have you read any of these books? 

Look out for part two coming soon.

Lot of love

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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Repurchase #1

Back in April I was lucky enough to go to the NottsBBMeet up, I met some lovely bloggers and had a great day shopping. I was also lucky enough to receive a goody bag and in that goody bag was the beauty classic Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish*. I had heard so many rave reviews of this so I was so excited to be given this and started using it as soon as I got home.  In the evenings I tend to use my cleanser to remove my makeup and I found that although the Cleanse and Polish did remove my makeup effectively the white muslin cloth was getting stained with makeup and I therefore decided to only use it in the mornings. I have been using the Cleanse and Polish once a day since April and I can honestly say it has made such a difference to my skin. I ran out in the middle of August which was close to when I was due to leave for travelling so I decided to hold off repurchasing it until after I got back. I was without the Cleanse and Polish for just over a week before I left and I instantly noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin.

The Cleanse and Polish is suitable for all skin types, I myself have oily skin and I haven't had a problem with it. It has naturally active ingredients, such as Rosemary, Chamomile and Eucalyptus essential oil which gives it a lovely smell that really wakes you up in the mornings and leaves you feeling refreshed.  The cleanser has given me a clear and even complexion and has also worked really well at improving the texture of my skin.

In my opinion the best thing about the Cleanse and Polish is that it stops the build up of dead skin around the pores on my nose and that in turn means my make up applies a lot better. I don't get a lot of spots, but one thing that I am prone to is little bumps around my chin area. They are basically small hard bumps which I think are under the skin spots, and this cleanser has completely cleared them up. They came back whilst I was travelling but since I have been using the Cleanse and Polish again they have started to disappear. I think it may be due to the gentle exfoliation of the muslin cloth.  

I very rarely repurchase skincare as I'm always of the opinion that there might be something better out there, however in this case this cleanser has worked so well I know I am going to keep repurchasing it again and again. If you've read the rave reviews of this cleanser and are still on the fence (like I was) I would urge you to buy it, it really is as good as everyone says it is. The Cleanse and Polish is available online here and is priced at £13.25 for a 100ml pump and when you order it online you get a free travel sized version which comes with a muslin cloth.

Have you tried this product before?

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumn Bargain

Hey guys,
Wow it's been a long time hasn't it? I'm so sorry I've been away for so long but for once I do have a valid excuse. I have spent the last month backpacking around Europe with my boyfriend, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I have officially got the travelling bug now. We can't wait to get back to Europe and beyond and have already started planning out trip for next summer.

Due to the fact my little blog has been so neglected lately I've decided to try and do a post everyday in October to get back into the swing of things. I know that posting everyday isn't a necessity but I really want to see if I can manage it, I've recently been wondering if keeping up with this blog as well as trying to fit in the rest of my life is just too much for me right now. Don't get me wrong I love blogging but lately I've been feeling guilty that I haven't been posting as much as I'd like and that's not how I want to feel about my blog. Hopefully this month I can dust off my keyboard and write some lovely posts for you guys, I have a few beauty related ideas but I'm also going to be doing a post on each place we visited while we were travelling, Is that something that you would be interested in? I know when I was trying to plan my trip I found a lot of useful information on other people's blogs so I'd like to return the favour.

So for my first post back I've decided to share with you a little bargain I picked up when I was doing some shopping for A/W clothes. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this but in case you haven't, the Body Shop is offering a free hand cream in store, perfect for keeping your hands soft this winter. All you have to do is print off a voucher from Voucher Codes and show it in store, the hand cream is worth £5 and there are four to choose from and I chose the almond one as I just adore the smell.  There are a lot of great vouchers on Voucher Codes, I have the app and use it all the time, and I would definitely recommend getting it.

Have any of you picked one of these little gems up yet?

Lots of Love

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Monthly splurge #2 - Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

I haven't posted a monthly splurge in a while, mainly because I've been too busy to even shop! but last month I managed to find time to purchase the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. I really wanted a self tan for my face and had read a lot of good reviews on this particular one.

 I don't tan very often but I find that when my face has a bit of colour it evens out my skin tone a bit and it looks clearer. My main worry is that I'd turn out orange or that it would break me out. But the Clarins self tan is specially designed for your face and neck area and so I had no problems.

To use you simply pour some onto a cotton pad and sweep across your face and neck. When I first used it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it dried quickly and left no greasy feeling, only my skin feeling smooth and soft. You can use the product after your moisturiser which means you don't have to alter your skincare routine to use it.

The next morning I woke up with a lovely glow to my face, and not a streak in sight. I used it again the following night to build up the colour slightly as you can use it as frequently as you'd like to achieve your perfect colour. I'd probably advise using it once or twice a week to obtain a natural looking glow.
I think this is a great product and will definitely be a life saver in winter when my face returns to its natural pasty white. It is available from most good department stores or online here and retails at £18. At first I thought it was a bit pricey but then it is a splurge and it is an amazing product.

Have any of you tried this before?

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Gym For The Win

For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of the laziest people to walk this planet. My favourite place to be is my bed and I find it extremely hard to drag myself out of it during the day. However as some of you may know I'm leaving to go travelling for a month on Tuesday and faced with the knowledge that I will be in my bikini in public I contemplated getting in shape. Now first let's get a few things straight, I am not fat, I don't think I'm fat and I never have been fat I have a fairly normal figure, under average height (5ft 1) and I'm a size 8-10. My goal was to tone my body up a bit (I was starting to get a few rolls that I wasn't happy with) and just become generally a bit fitter. I was contacted by Money Supermarket and asked if I'd like to test out a month's membership at a local gym as part as their 'Gym for the Win' campaign, and this gave me he extra motivation I needed to properly get in shape.

This summer I have been doing a placement at my Uni for some experience so I've been living in Nottingham and there are a fair few gyms close to me. When I go to the gym the most vital element for me is that there is a swimming pool and it offers classes,  some people can spend hours on a cross trainer or a treadmill but I am not one of those people. I decided on the Lenton Centre which is a short 5 minute walk away, has a small swimming pool, a gym and offers a few classes.

It offers student deals throughout the year therefore is a very reasonable price, it is very much a local gym for a small community (mainly students) and so doesn't have the best facilities but I found they were good enough for me.  The pool was open three hours a day, morning, afternoon and evening; obviously because I was working 9-5 I would go in the evening. I went swimming 2-3 times a week for a month and absolutely loved it. I usually find exercise such a chore but for me swimming is very enjoyable.  The pool was usually quiet and was split into three lanes; I would go into the medium lane at a steady pace and swim for about an hour. When I was younger I used to swim a lot, however the cost and time eventually got in the way so I don't swim as much as I used to, although it means I am fairly competent when it comes to the strokes.
The first week I swam moderately paced breast stroke with a length of front crawl every 4 lengths since this was the most front crawl I could manage. I could feel myself getting fitter and more toned after each week and by the end I was able to swim a decent paced front crawl for the whole duration of the swim. This for me was a big achievement and one of the goals I had set myself at the beginning. While I was there I didn't use the actual gym once even though I had a membership to both the pool and the gym which made me realise that if I didn't go to the gym then I never will. However I have been inspired to do more exercise and when I come back to Uni after travelling I will definitely be getting a membership to a gym again. I would have extended my membership at the Lenton Centre however I only had 2 weeks left after it ran out and the minimum they offer is a month. Instead I decided to look up some videos on YouTube that I could do at home I found a channel called fitness blender which offer videos of different lengths and content.

When I first started doing exercise it was a massive effort to motivate myself to treck the five minutes to the gym after a day of work, fortunately it did get easier and hopefully now I will stick at it. As well as exercise I resolved to eat healthy as if you want to change your body the two go hand in hand. I started taking a salad and some fruit for lunch and decreased the amount of carbs I had with my dinner, I also tried my best to stop snacking. I endeavoured to eat as well as I could during the week but at the weekend I would eat what I wanted mainly as I spent a few weekends visiting friends and it would be rude to turn down the food they had cooked for me. Anyway you have to allow yourself a few treats as otherwise you will just be miserable. I stopped getting the bus to uni and started walking the half an hour instead. 

So have I noticed a transformation over a month and a half of doing this?

The answer is yes, although I have seen no difference on the scales I can see a change in how I look. My legs have become slimmer and my whole body has become more toned. My jeans no longer feel tight around my waist and I feel so much better with myself.  I now feel confident to wear my bikini on holiday; I have even bought a few crop tops!

As I have said I would like to carry on this lifestyle when I get back from travelling. However while I'm out there I'm going to eat what I want when I want. While I have been on this "diet" and I use the term loosely I found myself looking up pictures of celebrities in bikinis and longing to look like them. This is so easy to get obsessed with and I had to give myself a good shake to stop fixating on perfectly toned stomachs. I realised that they are not real life, real life is the boyfriend who loves me and my little layer of fat that I have. I am set on to loving my body from now on, which I know is easier said than done but I do know that when I was obsessing about being skinnier I wasn't happy and that kind of defeats the point. The "diet" will continue but so I can be fit and healthy not "skinny"

I would like to say thank you to Money Supermarket for funding my month at the gym and for helping me discover that I don't hate all exercise.

Lots of Love

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Graze Breakfast Box

 If you've read my previous post you'll know I'm a big fan of graze boxes, I like to treat myself to one a month and it's always a lovely little surprise when they come through the door.  When I heard that graze were doing breakfast boxes I was pretty excited. The graze breakfast box contains four porridge portions that you can tailor to your tastes. I love eating porridge in the morning because it keeps you full until lunchtime, but it's always such a faf to measure it out and cook it. Graze take away all of the hassle of cooking it in the morning, you simply pour in the porridge and then add one and a half punnets of milk. There are a range of flavours available, I've tried three so far and they were all delicious. My favourite was the apple and cinnamon which comes with a little portion of honey to sweeten your porridge.  These have definitely brightened up my morning, and although I probably won't get one every week I'm definitely going to get them monthly as a little treat.

If you want to get a free box then use the code YJVYX9R and go to the Graze website (you have to be a graze customer to get this deal)

Lots of Love

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Hey guys,
This weekend Rob and I are going down to the new forest to visit his grandparents for the weekend. It's a massive family affair and the two years I've been so far have been lovely. They live in a house surrounded by garden and countryside and so when the weather permits we have a delightful lunch outside.  When I go down I like to have a nice day dress to wear for the lunch which is what this wishlist is centred around. I also want a proper weekend bag, I know it's only two days but I'm always surprised with how much I need. For a weekend away I think s with handles are perfect as sometimes I feel that taking a small suitcase is just a bit too much for two nights. Recently I've discovered Stylight they have a great site and I especially love the 'how to wear' section.  They have a vast selection of weekend bags which includes the one I've featured in my wishlist.
Dress - New Look
Necklace- Topshop
Sandals - Topshop
Nail Polish - Essie

I think this outfit will be perfect for lunching outside with my boyfriend's family I especially love the sandals which are so basic but fit so well. The bag is gorgeous and would have plenty of room to store all of my bits and bobs for the weekend
I hope you all have a lovely weekend too and fingers crossed that the weather is nice!

Lots of Love

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