Tuesday, 5 February 2013

50 Facts About Me

Hey guys

This tag has been featuring on a lot of blogs recently, and I can honestly say this is one of my favourite posts to read. I love finding out more about the people behind the blog. Here's my 50 facts I hope you enjoy reading them.

1.       I am 5ft 1 ( good things come in small packages)
2.       I study Chemistry at the university of Nottingham which I love
3.       I hate Tomatoes even tomato ketchup
4.       I have a Younger Brother
5.       My favourite colour is purple
6.       My favourite thing about me is my eyes
7.       I love to cook and bake
8.       I live with seven other people
9.       One of them is my boyfriend
10.   I am not a morning person
11.   I didn't go on a plane until I was 18
12.   I want to do a PhD in inorganic chemistry
13.   I would put vinegar on every meal if it was socially acceptable
14.   My name is Megan ( in case you didn’t know)
15.   I have hypermobile joints
16.   I could never be a vegetarian
17.   I get the worst hangovers.
18.   Lamb is my favourite meat
19.   I live in Kent on the coast
20.   I love to swim in the sea
21.   I get freckles in the summer
22.   Although I wish I had them all year round
23.   I love to read
24.   I love to read fantasy novels
25.   My favourite books is the Game of Thrones series
26.   I prefer savoury to sweet, I'd always rather have a starter than a dessert
27.   I cry at every film, I once cried at cheaper by the dozen two
28.   My boyfriend is called Rob
29.   My best friends are a group of girls I met when I was 11
30.   The place in the world I want to go the most is Egypt to see the pyramids
31.   If I'm on holiday I can only read trash
32.   I hate driving
33.   I have failed my driving test three times and cannot see myself ever passing
34.   I used to work at a greengrocer, It was cold
35.   My mum took me to Glastonbury when I was 15 and it was amazing
36.   I am a cat person 100%
37.   I love Marmite
38.   I have green eyes
39.   My favourite film is the Lord of the rings series, I have to watch it all the way through at least five times a year or I am not happy
40.   I believe in love at first sight
41.   I'm 21 years old
42.   I am a shopping addict
43.   I used to dye my hair purple
44.   My favourite Disney film is Robin Hood
45.   I wish my skin was better
46.   I Have never broken a bone (touch wood)
47.   I used to play WoW ( I probably shouldn't admit this)
48.   I used to have braces, they were horrible but so worth it
49.   I watch far too much TV
50.   I love my Blog

Lots of Love

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