Friday, 12 April 2013

Holiday Buys and OOTD

Hey guys

If you're wondering why I haven't posted for a while it’s because I've been on holiday J woooo. As I mentioned before the boyfriend and I decided to book a last minute holiday to Majorca. I was intending on scheduling a couple of posts for when I was away but tbh with you I just wasn't in the mood. I had my fourth driving test the day before we went away and as you can imagine I was pretty nervous about it so blogging was not high up on the to do list. Fortunately I PASSED! I was so happy having failed three times already I was  putting it up on a pedestal and getting myself too worked up about it but it all turned out fine, I passed and was all ready to have an amazing holiday.

I’m going to do a separate post with a little photo diary if people would like that? There were some really pretty places out there and was a lovely break from cold rainy England.

I did a bit of shopping before I left and bought a few summery bits to take with me so this is kind of a holiday haul post.

The main thing I wanted to get was a bikini, I took a trip to TkMaxx and they had some lovely summer bits in. I bought the bikini and the bag from there and both were £10 which I think is such a great price. I fell in love with the bikini the moment I saw it, I just loved the colourful design.

I also took a trip to Primark which is essential when you’re going on holiday, I bought the sandals, the sunglasses, the necklace and also the white dress I'm wearing in the picture. The sandals were a bargain at £4, I wore them every day of the holiday and they were actually pretty comfy.

 I also bought the Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Satsuma because I think it’s the perfect colour for sunny holidays, it’s such a gorgeous colour and I think I’m going to be wearing it all summer. Last but not least I bought some magazines to read while soaking up the rays again these are definitely an essential.

 This is me in Majorca wearing the dress I bought from Primark, It was only £5! they had a few other designs as well so I might go back and get some. I think this is such a pretty dress and it was so comfy and light to wear. It was perfect to slip over your bikini for a day at the beach.

Hope you are all having a nice Easter :).

Lots of Love

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  1. I love the look you look so pretty and wholesome! You must be over the moon congrats with passing when I passed I was escatatic! Im due to go holiday too I cant wait eeekkkk! :-D

    1. awww thank you so much, I am so over the moon. My pink license arrived the other day and I did a little dance x

  2. You look so happy in your pictures!
    I LOVE that bikini - can see why you liked it straight away and most importantly big congrats on passing your driving test :) xx

  3. Love your blog! Following now, stay in touch xx

    1. Thank you, I'm now following yours too, I really like it xx

  4. Love blog! New follower :)


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