Monday, 29 April 2013

My top products for under £10 - FOTD

Hey guys,
A while ago I did a post about my favourite products that were under £5 and I promised you I'd be doing another one about my products for under £10 and a few months later here it is. I'll also be doing another one with my favourite high end products.

When I saw everyone raving about this foundation I went straight out and bought it. I love my Double wear foundation but sometimes I just fancy something that isn't so heavy on my skin. The Nearly Naked foundation does what it says on the tin it provides good coverage without making me feel like I want to claw the foundation off my face and at £8.99 it's such a great bargain. I'm definitely going to pick up one of the darker shades for summer.

I've done a full review of this blush here and I just absolutely love this range, they're so cute and handy. I love the warm glow this colour gives you and I think it's great for everyday wear. I'm hopefully going to pick up a few more colours soon because I think they're

 great value for money and there's usually some sort of offer on.

3) Garnier Roll On - Anti - Dark Circles - £5.33
This is my go to concealer for under my eyes and it's the first thing I put on every morning. I wouldn't say that this has particularly heavy coverage however it's really good for evening out the skin tone under your eyes before you apply foundation.

I was lucky enough to win this lipstick in a competition on twitter, I'd never tried any makeup by Avon before but I love this lipstick. I probably wouldn't have tried this sort of colour by myself but I think it's great for if you want something bold but not too bold if you get what I mean. It also smells gorgeous and at the moment there's an offer across the range which makes them two for £10.

This is the only non makeup item on this list but I couldn't not give it a mention. Before I had this brush I was such a blusher noob that I could never make it look good. This brush makes applying blush effortless and you get a great blend and finish every time. I know everyone raves about real techniques brushes but I think this is a must for anyone's collection and it won't break the bank either.

And here is the face I created using these items.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and hopefully soon I'll post about my favourite high end items.

Lots of Love 

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  1. Great post! :)
    I really want the Naked foundation however, both Boots and Superdrug by me only go down to the shade Shell which is too dark for me, I will have to order online if I want it.

    I love Real Techniques brushes!

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Good stash of products. I love them all and agree with you. Avon lipsticks don't get enough attention in the blogs imo. I think they're ace. They're the only lipsticks i ever manage to totally use up.

    Jules x



  4. lovely post! been meaning to try the revlon foundation for a while!


  5. Bourjois blushes are so soft and blendable! Love them xx

  6. I love the Revlon Nearly Naked and the Garnier Roll on is my fave beauty product ever xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  7. I am dying to try the garnier roller and the RT brush :) The look is awesome ! Hope you can drop by my blog too !

    Cherry ~~

  8. That lipstick looks gorgeous! :)
    Kelouise xo

  9. Garnier is one very very good company and love the products. Not so expensive and very good quality! :) Thanks for the review! :)



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