Saturday, 4 May 2013

My Favourite Moisturisers for Oily Skin

One of the hardest things about having oily skin is managing to keep it moisturised without making it even greasier. I feel like I'm on a never ending journey to find a way to keep my skin hydrated, especially the driest parts around my nose. These three moisturisers have found their way into my daily routine and I think they've really made a positive difference to my skin.

I bought this after using up the sample size and really noticing a difference to my skin. The moisturiser itself is a cross between a gel and a cream, which means that it really hydrates the dry areas whilst controlling the excess oil. I use this in the morning if I've got a long day ahead and I need my makeup to last, it stops too much oil building up on my face throughout the day. It’s available from the body shop in store and online here and costs £10 for 50ml.

I've always loved the look of Balance Me products, especially as recently I've been trying to use skincare with more natural ingredients, so when they asked me if I'd like to try some products I was so excited. One of the products was the Balancing Face Moisturiser which is for normal to combination skin so was perfect for me. This moisturiser contains chamomile, neroli and moringa to gently moisturise while calming any breakouts.  I love the pump this uses to dispense the product as it makes it so easy to use. When you put it on your face it feels so light but it packs a great kick of moisture. I use this in the morning after cleansing to mattify my skin before putting on my base; it works great under make up and makes it so easy to apply foundation. It’s available from the Balance Me website here for £24.00

I've done a full review of this here and this is my go to night time moisturiser. It's designed for blemish prone skin and contains AHAs to gently exfoliate the skin. It doesn't block pores and is supposed to help control
oil production.  This has done wonders in clearing up my skin; the only thing that I don't love about this moisturiser is the smell. As I've mentioned before it smells a bit funky but it's worth it for how much it's improved my skin. Its available from Boots and the Avene website for £10.50.

So there's my go to moisturisers which help me combat my oily skin, however I'm always on the lookout for better products. Are there any you would suggest?

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  1. I agree, it's hard finding a good moisturiser that doesn't leave me all tacky but also gets rid of the dry patches! I love the Seaweed one, reminded me that I need to buy it again. I really wanted to like the Balance Me one but it was just a touch too heavy. I like Effaclar K lotion and Superdrug Simply Pure Light Moisturiser for sensitive skin :)

  2. Very keen to try the Avene products, it must be fate as I was on their website earlier doing a skin diagnosis!

    I have the Balance Me moisture rich face cream which is lovely but I think it's a little too heavy for my skin, especially now the hot weather is finally starting to show itself!
    The version you have however sounds divine :D

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  3. I love the Seaweed day cream! It's one of my favourites.


  4. I love my seaweed day cream. It sorts my skin out perfectly! I've tried the Balance Me one but found it to be very heavily perfumed. Normally I don't have an issue with this but it made my skin feel quite sensitive xo

  5. the seaweed creams sounds fab !


  6. Love this post! I've tried the seaweed cream and I love it! :D

    You have a lovely blog, I'm your newest follower :)

    Natasha Carly x

  7. Thank you SO MUCH! I have such bad oily skin and nobody ever writes post about good moisturizers for it! I've had my eye on that seaweed day cream - looks like I better invest in it! Thanks again!

  8. I have very oily skin and the hardest thing for me (other than finding the right foundation) was finding the right moisturiser. It was my mum who actually bought me the Seaweed day cream about 2 years ago and i've continued to use it ever since. I love it because it doesn't feel oily on my skin, in fact it doesn't really feel like i've put anything on my skin... probably something to do with the gel-combo. I can't praise this moisturiser enough :)


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