Friday, 14 June 2013

My New Favorite Reader

As many of you may have noticed GFC that we all know and love is getting scrapped. I'm not really sure why this is happening but I do know that I have been forced to get my daily blog fix elsewhere.

When I first started blogging about a year ago I hated Bloglovin, I didn't understand it and I found it hard to keep up with my favourite blogs. A year on and with the news of GFC leaving us Bloglovin have really stepped up their game. The interface is sleek and easy to use you can tell it's been subject to a real makeover. Probably the best thing about Bloglovin is their app. As I am someone who is a bit addicted to their phone I think it's great that we finally have a decent app to read all our favourite blogs.

I have been completely converted and even if GFC announced it wasn't leaving I would definitely still stick with Bloglovin. You can easily import all of the people you follow over to Bloglovin and I would urge you all to do this. I would hate to lose any of you lovely people who follow my blog in the same way I'd hate to lose any of the blogs I follow. To make it easy for you here are some other ways to follow my blog. There's a really good post which includes instructions on how to import the blogs you follow here

1) You can follow me on Twitter here

2) My new love Bloglovin

3) Instagram (I'm a little obsessed with this)

4) She Said Beauty

Just click on the links and it will take you to the respective profiles

Lots of Love

PS: It may sound like Bloglovin have asked me to write this post but they haven't. These are all my own opinions :). x

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  1. yeah, bloglovin is not that interesting but the app sounds promising : ). followed u on bloglovin too
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  2. Followed on blog lovin' Great blog btw (:

  3. Everyone seems to like the app but on my phone [iPhone 4s] it keeps crashing! :/

    seems like on a few other phones I tried [iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, S3] they don't perform as good as expected :/

    ATA|All Things Anita.. please give me some feedback on my blog! x

  4. check out my blog & follow if you like :)


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