Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Monthly splurge #2 - Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning

I haven't posted a monthly splurge in a while, mainly because I've been too busy to even shop! but last month I managed to find time to purchase the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning. I really wanted a self tan for my face and had read a lot of good reviews on this particular one.

 I don't tan very often but I find that when my face has a bit of colour it evens out my skin tone a bit and it looks clearer. My main worry is that I'd turn out orange or that it would break me out. But the Clarins self tan is specially designed for your face and neck area and so I had no problems.

To use you simply pour some onto a cotton pad and sweep across your face and neck. When I first used it I was pleasantly surprised to find that it dried quickly and left no greasy feeling, only my skin feeling smooth and soft. You can use the product after your moisturiser which means you don't have to alter your skincare routine to use it.

The next morning I woke up with a lovely glow to my face, and not a streak in sight. I used it again the following night to build up the colour slightly as you can use it as frequently as you'd like to achieve your perfect colour. I'd probably advise using it once or twice a week to obtain a natural looking glow.
I think this is a great product and will definitely be a life saver in winter when my face returns to its natural pasty white. It is available from most good department stores or online here and retails at £18. At first I thought it was a bit pricey but then it is a splurge and it is an amazing product.

Have any of you tried this before?

Lots of Love

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  1. I have this, it's so good, I'm so pale so fake tan generally looks so overpowering on me, this just gave a nice natural glow rather than an obviously fake tanned face. Nice review!

    Anna-Kate Xx


  2. My sister works at Clarins and I love all of their products though I must admit i won't be trying these as i am already naturally tanned but because it is Clarins I am sure that are excellent! We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?

  3. This really does sound lovely :) I'm not a huge lover of fake tan in any form but I can see why this appeals to the masses.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. I haven't tried this because I'm so scared of being super-streaky but this looks great!
    Love your blog, I'd love it if you took a look at my blog here!: RebeccaRuby - A lifestyle blog
    Becca xo

  5. great, wonderful blog

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