Thursday, 17 October 2013

Interrailing Budapest

If you read my previous post on Prague you'll know that my boyfriend and I travelled around Europe over the summer. This post is going to be on perhaps one of my favourite places we visited, Budapest.  A lot of my friends had told me that Budapest was amazing so I had high hopes for the city. We got the train straight from Prague to Budapest which took about 8 hours and we met a lovely Australian girl on the train so the hours flew by talking.

When we arrived in Budapest we were a little more prepared than we were in Prague and we knew where our hostel was, so we hopped on the metro and soon arrived at our hostel. The hostel was called Home Made Hostel and it was probably one of our favourite hostels we stayed at on our whole trip. It was so friendly and welcoming and had a cute little kitchen, we stayed in a private room on the first night to recover and have some time to ourselves and then we moved to the dorm for the rest of the nights. The hostel arranged a bar crawl on Saturday night and the people who worked at the hostel took us out for a great night. The people who worked there were so nice and I had such a great night out with them, they even lent us money when our card stopped working and that made such a difference to our night as it stopped us freaking out. One of the things that Budapest is most famous for is the ruin bars, these are old building which were abandoned during communism which young people then turned into bars. They were so cool, most of the ones we went to were open air and full of fairy lights for the lighting, one even had a random old car in the middle of the dance floor.  All in all we had such a fun night out with everyone from the hostel, Blanca was so lovely and I would fully recommend this hostel if you are passing through Budapest.

Another thing that Budapest is famous for is its thermal baths, after the bar crawl we woke up a little worse for wear and we decided that a soak in the baths would be a perfect way to spend our day. The city has five thermal baths which are left over from the Turkish era, they are all over the city due to the thermal springs which lay underneath! The day we spent in the baths was one of my favourite days, the outside baths were a toasty 40°C and we laid in them for hours.  Inside the building there were 12 more pools all with varying temperatures and mineral contents. We stayed at the baths for 8 hours and the only reason we left was because we got really hungry, I would happily spend my life in those baths and I wish we had some in England.  When we got back to the hostel we felt so clean and relaxed it was amazing.

On our last day we decided to do a walking tour so we could see some of the city we hadn't yet seen. The tour was really informative and we got to see so much of the city, we even got given a little booklet about things to do (and not do) in Budapest at the end which was really useful. On our last evening we took a river cruise along the Danube, it was so spectacular to see all the buildings lit up.

Rob with the drinking water lion statue in the main square
St Stephen Basilica
Rob and I looking over Pest
Cruising along the Danube
The Danube
Me and a famous Hungarian actor

I would thoroughly recommend visiting Budapest, my boyfriend and I are already planning our next visit as we loved it so much we know we have to go back soon.

Have any of you been to Budapest? If you're planning to go please email me with any questions you have and I can give you some more information.

Our next stop was Croatia so prepare to hear about that soon.

Lots of Love

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  1. I live in Hungary and I am so happy that you loved my beloved city! :) Come back soon! ;)

  2. I will definitely be back as soon as possible. x


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