Saturday, 16 November 2013

Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Crème Lipstick - Review #2

Hey guys,

Earlier in the year I wrote a review on two Calvin Klein lipsticks that I bought from Fragrance Direct. I love Fragrance direct and I always manage to find some great bargains on there. They're well known for doing Essie nail polishes at a huge discount and my Essie collection has all come from the site. I already have two of the Calvin Klein lipsticks but I love them so much I couldn't resist ordering some more, I really think these are a hidden gem.Unfortunately the colours displayed on the site aren't a very good representative of the actual colours of the lipsticks so I rely heavily on swatches that bloggers upload. I would recommend always doing a quick google search of the colour you want to buy and checking out the images that come up.

The lipsticks themselves live up to their names, the have a thick and creamy texture and feel very luxurious.They last well throughout the day, but I always keep them handy for a top up. 

1) Delightful
Delightful is a bold pink which is perfect for day wear but can also be worn in the evening. I find myself often reaching for this in the morning as it's just so wearable.  

2) Clear Rose
Clear Rose is a darker pink with a hint of shimmer to it. I find this is wearable in the day but I prefer to wear in when I'm out for drinks in the evening. 

Mesmerize is a perfect dark pink shade and I have worn this out many times recently. I love it for this time of year and can see myself reaching for this on Christmas eve when I go out for festive drinks. The difference between this one and Clear rose isn't massive so it is probably unnecessary to have both but for £1.99 who cares? 

4) Orange Too

It's hard to compare this to the other lipsticks as they are such different shades but I think that this is my favorite. When I ordered it I was scared it would be too orange for me but it's a great balance between orange and red which makes it very wearable. Whenever I've gone out with this on recently people have complimented it and in my opinion it can be worn day or night.  

I hope you've enjoyed reading this review and I hope it helps people gauge the colours of the lipsticks a bit better. As you can probably tell from this review I love these lipsticks, at £1.99 they're great value for money and there is a massive colour range available. No doubt I'll be adding some more to the collection soon. If you want to order any they're available at Fragrance Direct, and while you're on there I'd definitely check out the Essie polishes too.

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  1. I love the Clear Rose, it looks gorgeous on you! Great review :)

  2. My favorite on you is definitely Mesmerize! It draws attention to your features and is bright without being overpowering. I always google swatches myself and these lipsticks look so nicely pigmented. Thank you for sharing!

    zozo @

  3. Im obsessed with fragrance direct - love the dainty doll stuff :)

  4. Wow these colours look so so so pretty!! And you look just so gorgeous, each colour suits you perfectly! Thank you for this, now I know a new lipstick brand to try :)

  5. Love Mesmerize reminds me of Bobbi brown in rose petal I think. You've inspired me to check these out. By the way what do the lipsticks smell & taste like? nikki


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