Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Benefit Hervana Review

Hey guys,

Today I want to share with you my everyday go to blush. As I've said before I have very pale skin, especially in the winter, so if I'm not careful with my blusher I can end up looking ridiculous. I once went to a beauty counter looking to buy a blusher and the woman at the counter sampled some very dark blush on me, she very quickly got a makeup wipe and exclaimed that I looked like a clown. After that little incident I decided to search for some colours that would suit my skin tone, one that kept popping up over and over again was Hervana by Benefit.

 Hervana is one of Benefit's range of boxed blushes and is a mix of beautiful pale colours. The blush itself is a mix of pastel pinks, corals, plums and a lovely silver highlighter, these all mix together to give a gorgeous pinky, peachy colour on the cheeks with just a hint of shimmer in there. I usually swirl my brush around the box and apply to the cheek, it blends flawlessly to give a bit of a glow.

The blush isn't super pigmented which is why it's perfect for us pale girls. I personally think that this colour would suit any skin tone; however it may take some building up on darker skin.

The box is quite bulky but very aesthetically pleasing, I love the design and the bulkiness doesn't put me off at all. It does also come with a brush however I have my own blush brush so I don't use it. Although if you were going away for the weekend, and didn't want to take a separate brush with you it would be perfect as it also has a mirror in the lid and the hinge prevents the lid flying off in your bag.

This blush ideal for everyday wear, I'm starting to see a dent in it now which is a bit scary but no doubt I will be biting the bullet and repurchasing it when it runs out as it's just so pretty.

Hervana is available online and at Benefit counters for £23.50

Have any of you guys tried this?

Lots of Love

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  1. Benefit blushers really do sound lovely. Personally I'm not a fan of the box packaging at all, I'd love to see them in a nicer design.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. havent tried this one but I'm super pale and ADORE sugar bomb. one of the tips I've learned (because I'm quite heavy handed with blush and used to wear it like a clown) is to apply it with a stippling brush :)

    Stephanie's Look


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