Sunday, 2 February 2014

Life in Pictures #2

Hey guys,

Here's a little post about what I've been upto lately.

1) Me and the girls dressed up on New years eve. New years is the one day a year when we all get together and we always have such a fun time together. These girls have been my best friends for over 10 years now and I can't wait to celebrate more new years together.

2) My cheeky cat loves it when I come home for christmas as he gets to sleep on my bed all night.

3) Some amazing pulled pork I had at a restaurant for my Nan's 70th

4) After exams Boots haul - you can read the post here

5) Beetroot humous at a vegetarian restaurant for one of my housemate's Birthdays. As much as I could never be a vegetarian the food there was actually delicious.

6) Lazy Sunday Fry up.

Whenever I do these posts it always amazes me how many pictures are to do with food or cats. You can see where my priorities lie in life :).

Lots of Love

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  1. You have good priorities hehe this post has made me so hungry now ;) x


  2. That pulled pork looks incredible!


  3. please check out my blog & follow if you like :-)


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