Saturday, 16 August 2014

Summer Update

Graduation Ball / Making Sandcastles / Cornwall / Pet Cows in Ireland / Sandhurst Commissioning /  Graduation 

This summer has been a bit of a whirlwind so far, I started July thinking that my last long summer holiday was going to be spent lazing around, blogging and reading books, how wrong I was!
As soon as exams were over my uni friends and I spent a week in Cornwall to celebrate finishing, we rented a gorgeous little cottage and had a lovely week. As I am originally from the Kent coast it never made sense for me to travel to the other side of the country to go to a beach, and therefore I had never been to Cornwall before. I am so glad I finally got round to visiting as that part of the country is just stunning.  Whilst there we went to some gorgeous beaches, a zoo and just spent some quality time together before we all go our separate ways.

This summer has been full of ups and downs for me, Cornwall was an up but I arrived home to some very upsetting news. Sadly my Nan had suddenly passed away while I was travelling back, I was devastated and still am. I live very far away from my family for the majority of the year and it really hit home how isolated I was by being so far away. The silver lining of this was that I got to go home for a long weekend and spend some lovely time with my family. The weather was gorgeous for the funeral and I was able to see my cousins who I hadn’t seen for such a long time. Due to the nice weather Rob and I went to the beach near my house, we made sandcastles, swam in the sea and had a nice break from the busy city.

The week we got home was my graduation ball, my chemistry friends and I got all dressed up and celebrated the end of our degrees. I was a great night, it was held at a beautiful hotel with a massive marquee in the grounds. We spent the night dancing in the marquee but my favourite part was the silent disco, my first ever one, needless to say the next day was a bit painful.

Shortly after I started my month long summer placement at a chemical company in Nottingham, I decided that I didn’t want to spend my summer in the lab so I opted for a marketing placement, I even got to write some blog posts for them! (Living the dream).

Part way through my placement was my graduation ceremony, four long years had paid off and I was finally able to hold in my hands my official certificate. I was so nervous walking across the stage in my heels but thankfully I was able to make it across smoothly. It was such a happy day with a really positive atmosphere and by the end I didn’t want to give my robes back!

Once my placement had finished I went on holiday to Ireland with my boyfriend and his family, they have a house on a little island off the coast of Ireland. I’ve blogged about it before here, but it’s just such a tranquil place to be and very welcome after the busy summer that we’ve had so far. There’s a little beach at the bottom of his garden and we took his little cousin to look for crabs.

Last week one of my best friends commissioned from Sandhurst as an officer in the army and all of my university friends met up to celebrate his achievement. It was an amazing night and it was so nice to all be together again, we’ve all lived together for the past four years and it’s going to be pretty weird to be living apart. There was copious amounts of celebratory champagne and we all had a perfect night dancing. The next day we cured our hangovers with a well-deserved Nandos and the Inbetweeners 2, a film I would definitely recommend.

I was so sure that I was going to spend this summer blogging and I cannot believe this is the first time I have managed to sit down and write a post. I hope this post gives you a little update about what I’ve been doing and why I’ve been absent for a while.

I Hope you’ve all had a great summer and lots to look forward to as it’s not over yet!!

Lots of Love

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